Farm Bank Lending Remained Strong in 2020

Despite a global slowdown in 2020, agricultural lending by U.S. farm banks remained strong at $98.6 billion, just a 1.8% drop from the prior year. The American Bankers Association’s annual Farm Bank Performance Report attributes the change to a 6.7% decline in agricultural production loans. By contrast, the outstanding loans secured by farmland increased 2.1% […]

Ag Lender Survey Reveals Bankers Top Concerns

The Fall 2020 Agricultural Lender Survey report shows that ag lenders continue to remain focused on credit quality, even as the farm economy continues to work through the prolonged downturn caused by COVID-19. The survey from the American Bankers Association and Farmer Mac said when it comes to their customers, lenders continue to be most […]

Looking At Growing Hemp? You May Want To Slow Down

When hemp became legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, there was a lot of buzz in farm country about what that would look like as an everyday crop, and who would grow it.  It’s not just farmers that are curious about the newly legal commodity, many in the Ag banking sector are watching hemp very […]

Malcolm: FSA Loans Can Help When Money Is Tight

Will it be a little tougher to get operating capital this spring?  For some the answer is yes.   “And I think it will be instead of a $150,000 operating line, it might be $110,000 or $100,000 operating line,” said Montana Banker Heather Malcolm.  “So, it might not be at the same level, as historically, […]

Ag Bankers Expect Better Things In New Year

If you ask farm and ranch lenders from across the country their thoughts on the future of the Ag economy, their responses may not be as somber as you’d expect.  And while there is caution about the current farm economy, Montana banker Heather Malcolm says it’s not all gloom and doom as we look at […]

Bankers Association Welcomes Hemp Banking Regulations

Last week, the federal government released banking guidance for the finance industry related to hemp producers.  The American Bankers Association said the guidance makes clear that banks are not required to file Suspicious Activity Reports on hemp producers operating under an approved federal, state or tribal license or plan.  The guidance also states bank customers […]

Ag Bankers Have Reason For Optimism

While many in the farm and even non-farm community feel the Ag economy is not in a good place, Ag bankers are not necessarily in that camp.  Those in attendance of this year’s American Bankers Association National Ag Bankers Conference, had an upbeat mood when it comes to the farm economy.  The ABA and Farmer […]

Ag Bankers Looking To Congress For Assistance

Ag bankers are asking Congress to take action on the Enhancing Credit Opportunities in Rural America act, better known as ECORA.  What would this legislation do for rural America?   Ed Elfmann, Senior Vice President for Ag and Rural Banking Policy at the American Bankers Association, said the legislation will lower the tax rate on […]

Ag Lender Survey Shows Lower Profitability and Higher Concerns

The American Bankers Association teamed up with Farmer Mac for their Fall 2019 Ag Lender Survey.  The biggest takeaway from the report is that the agricultural economy and farm income remain under stress, with little if any signs of improvement ahead in 2020.  Over 82% of lenders in the survey said farm profits were being […]

What Could Flip In House Mean For Ag?

With the Democrats set to take control of the House this month, many in the Ag industry are curious what that means on the farm and for the bottom line.  Add to that, what it means for the bank account as well, according to Ed Elfmann.  The Senior Vice President of Agriculture and Rural Bankers […]