Free Trade Coalition Wants Chinese Tariffs Removed

Americans for Free Trade, which includes the group Farmers for Free Trade, recently sent a letter to president-elect Joe Biden, asking him to remove the tariffs that President Trump placed on Chinese imports. “Finding a way to remove the tariffs while creating an effective new, multilaterally-supported approach to China trade issues would provide an immediate […]

Tariffs Hurt The Heartland Trade War: Has Resulted In $34B in Tariffs

As trade talks between the U.S. and China resume this week, Tariffs Hurt the Heartland is out with data showing how the trade war has hurt American consumers and businesses.  Between February 2018, when the trade war started, and August 2019, Americans have paid an additional $34 billion dollars.  Tariffs Hurt the Heartland said that’s […]

Coalition Says Tariff Increases “Come at the Worst Possible Time”

Americans for Free Trade has a lot to say about the pending U.S. tariff increases on Chinese goods.  The coalition of over 160 businesses set a letter to President Trump asking him to postpone tariff increases that are scheduled to take effect next week.  The association says the proposed tariff increases come as consumers draw […]