American Angus Association Focuses On Providing Traits Most Important To Producers

The primary focus for the American Angus Association has remained unchanged generation after generation, providing the best cow and best bull to ensure producers have the best bottom line at sales time. Jeff Mafi, regional manager with the American Angus Association, said one of their top priorities is to have the most robust and up-to-date […]

New Study Shows Benefits Of Shade For Beef Cattle

To thrive in the environments beef producers have created for them, cattle must have access to basic cattle health and welfare. Among them, the ability to perform natural behaviors. “Whether that’s standing, lying, playing, seeking shade, I think there’s a lot of opportunities for the animal to do those things in the facilities we currently […]

Technology Helping Ag Community In A Variety Of Ways

Innovations in agriculture continue to advance at a rapid pace. Case in point: Angus cattle production. Mark McCully of the American Angus Association said in a short time frame, technology has improved weights and measures, utilized ultrasound as a data collection tool, and now has led to advances in genetics. “These genetic models where we […]

Authorities Investigating Cow mutilation Near Fossil, OR

Authorities are investigating the death and mutilation of a cow outside of Fossil, OR. The black Angus cow, worth about $1,000, was found Thursday dead and mutilated with tongue, genitals and reproductive organs cut out. According to The Capital Press, her carcass was found upright, front legs tucked underneath which is a position investigators say […]

BQA For All Cattlemen Says Producer, Restaurateur

Most cattle producers have heard those three letters, BQA, but the next step for Beef Quality Assurance is earning that certificate, a basic demand from the supply chain.  That’s according to Angus producer and restaurateur Jonathan Perry.  He noted while beef quality keeps improving, producers need to find new ways to rise above that newly elevated […]