WSDA Looks At The Diet Of The Murder Hornet

The Asian Giant is not native to the Pacific Northwest, so what have they been eating for the past couple of years. Scientists studied the frass, or fecal matter, of Asian giant hornet larvae and determined the invasive species ate many things that were expects, such as paper wasps and honeybees. However, the murder hornets […]

WSDA Is Asking You To Check Your Trees During August

Are invasive species hiding in your trees? The Washington State Department of Agriculture is asking you to check trees, lights, outdoor equipment and standing water in your yard for harmful bugs. It’s all part of National Tree Check Month in August. “August is the ideal time to look for invasive insects and report any species […]

Newly Discovered Asian Giant Concerns WSDA

In early June, the Washington Department of Agriculture announced that the first Asian giant hornet of 2021 was discovered dead in Snohomish County. Managing Entomologist Sven Spichiger noted that the male insect was significantly different in its coloration as compared to specimens collected in 2019 and 2020. “This specimen went through our full verification process, […]

Asian Giant Discovered In Additional Washington County

Entomologists from the Washington State Department of Agriculture as well as the USDA have confirmed the first report of an Asian giant hornet for 2021. According to the WSDA the “murder hornet” was found in Snohomish County and appears to be unrelated to the 2019-2020 Asian giant hornet introductions in Canada and Whatcom County. According […]

WSDA: Hunt For Pests Underway

The Washington state Department of Agriculture’s annual hunt for pests that threaten the agriculture industry, as well as the environment is underway. The Department is setting up thousands of traps statewide to monitor for the introduction or spread of over 130 invasive pests and diseases, including gypsy moth, Asian giant hornet, apple maggot and Japanese […]

Bill Extending Washington Invasive Species Council Heads To Governor’s Desk

By a unanimous vote last week, the Washington House approved legislation extending the life of the state’s Invasive Species Council. Senate Bill 5063, put forward by state Senator Jim Honeyford, also extends the Council’s mission to protect the state’s environment and economy from harmful non-native plants, inspects and animal. The Sunnyside area Republican said the […]

Washington, B.C. To Fight Asian Giant

British Columbia and U.S. federal and state agencies will work together to track, trap and eradicate Asian giant hornets in the Pacific Northwest. The Asian giant hornet species was first spotted in Northwest Washington in 2019 and agencies have since been on the hunt for the invasive hornets. The hornets, known by many as Murder […]

Documentary Highlighting WSDAs Hunt For Asian Giant Out On Discovery+

When looking back on 2020, certain things will jump to your mind: coronavirus, toilet paper shortages and the murder hornets. Well, that last one, the Asian Giant hornet is the focus of a documentary that was released on Discovery+ last month. The 90 minute film, “Attack of the Murder Hornets” takes a behind the scenes […]

Washington Rolls Out Updated Invasive Species Plan

In late January, the Washington Invasive Species Council approved an updated version of the statewide invasive species strategy. Justin Bush, Executive Coordinator for the Washington Recreation and Conservation Office, said at this point, they’ve only seen old invaders rearing their ugly heads. “We’re seeing invasive muscles, which threaten our irrigation systems and our hydropower, moving […]

How Did USDA Work With WSDA To Find The Asian Giant?

When the Washington state Department of Agriculture worked to find the Asian Giant Hornet in early 2020, they turned to USDA’s Agricultural Research Service. So, how did ARS help local officials? With a trap. “That trap helped lead us to the nest, the first nest of this invasive insect. And so because of that, we […]