Washington, B.C. To Fight Asian Giant

British Columbia and U.S. federal and state agencies will work together to track, trap and eradicate Asian giant hornets in the Pacific Northwest. The Asian giant hornet species was first spotted in Northwest Washington in 2019 and agencies have since been on the hunt for the invasive hornets. The hornets, known by many as Murder […]

Documentary Highlighting WSDAs Hunt For Asian Giant Out On Discovery+

When looking back on 2020, certain things will jump to your mind: coronavirus, toilet paper shortages and the murder hornets. Well, that last one, the Asian Giant hornet is the focus of a documentary that was released on Discovery+ last month. The 90 minute film, “Attack of the Murder Hornets” takes a behind the scenes […]

Washington Rolls Out Updated Invasive Species Plan

In late January, the Washington Invasive Species Council approved an updated version of the statewide invasive species strategy. Justin Bush, Executive Coordinator for the Washington Recreation and Conservation Office, said at this point, they’ve only seen old invaders rearing their ugly heads. “We’re seeing invasive muscles, which threaten our irrigation systems and our hydropower, moving […]

How Did USDA Work With WSDA To Find The Asian Giant?

When the Washington state Department of Agriculture worked to find the Asian Giant Hornet in early 2020, they turned to USDA’s Agricultural Research Service. So, how did ARS help local officials? With a trap. “That trap helped lead us to the nest, the first nest of this invasive insect. And so because of that, we […]

Northwest Receives $6.5M For Pest Detection

The USDA announced Tuesday the Northwest will receive roughly $6.5 million for pest detection and surveillance. Washington was awarded $3.5 million, Idaho will see nearly $1.6 million while Oregon will receive $1.4 million for efforts to safeguard the U.S nursery production system. Overall, USDA is providing more than $70 million in funding this year to […]

Salmonsen Does Not Believe New China Trade Deal Will Hurt U.S. Ag

Will U.S. farmers be hurt by the world’s largest trade deal led by China and recently signed by 14 other Asian countries? American Farm Bureau trade adviser Dave Salmonsen believes American agriculture already benefits from deals with most of the Asian nations involved in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. He noted the RCEP, and the […]

Joint Effort Between USDA/WSDA Helped Locate Asian Giant Hornets

A collaborative effort between the USDA and the Washington state Department of Agriculture lead to the recent breakthrough regarding the threat of Asian Giant Hornets, also known as the Murder Hornets, in the northwest corner of the state. Anne LeBrun of USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, said they were more than happy to […]

Asian Giant Nest By The Numbers

The Washington state Department of Agriculture is learning more and more about the Asian Giant hornet nest discovered near Blaine. The nest was just over eight feet high in the tree and, once opened, was found to be about 14″ long and 8″-9″ wide. Inside, WSDA crews found roughly 500 live specimens, including 76 hatched […]

WSDA: Removal Of Asian Giant Hornet Nest Successful

According to the Washington state Department of Agriculture, Friday’s removal of an Asian giant hornet nest found near Blaine was successful. The WSDA Pest Program vacuumed numerous hornets out of a tree cavity. Few details were offered Friday. The WSDA plans to release more information Monday. Click Here for more from the WSDA. If you […]

Washington’s Weed & Invasive Species Conference Set For Early November

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the 70th Annual Washington State Weed Conference will move on-line this year, and be free to the public. In addition, according to the the Washington Vegetation Management Association and the Washington Invasive Species Council, the length of the conference has increased, with two of the four days focused on […]