Lohman: Warm Dry Weather Expected To Stay For Much Of September

With dry conditions, and wildfires burning across much of the Northwest, many are wondering when we’ll see some measurable rain, if nothing else, just to refresh the soil. According to Marilyn Lohman, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, it looks like the area will be waiting a while longer. She said the weather rut the […]

Warm Weather Returns To Northwest For First Portion Of September

Many across the region were spoiled with temperatures dropping considerably Sunday and early this week. But hopes for an early fall will quickly fade this week as we’ll see temperatures anywhere from 5-10 degrees above normal. Marilyn Lohmann meteorologist with the National Weather Service said the Northwest will see a strong high pressure systems settle […]

La Niña Continues To Develop In Pacific

The National Weather Service recently released its El Niño/La Niña forecast for the upcoming winter, and according to meteorologist Marilyn Lohmann, Pacific temperatures off the coast of South America are slowly dropping, meaning a La Niña is developing. What does that mean for the Northwest this winter? Lohmann said many think a La Niña pattern […]

Lohmann: Cooler Days May Be On The Horizon

July 2020 will be one to remember across most of the Inland Northwest. We saw record or near record heat across the Northwest, with some locations reporting temperatures during that four day heat wave above 110 degrees. The hot weather and dry conditions have already had an impact on area soil conditions. “Statewide, the amount […]

Lohmann: Heat Breaks Just Ahead of Weekend, Returns Next Week For Round Two

If the dog days of summer aren’t here, they are officially on their way. Temperatures across the Inland Northwest soared into the mid-90s to low-100s, as a ridge of High pressure moved in from the Pacific, allowing hot desert air to migrate up from the Southwest. Marilyn Lohmann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service said […]

July Temperatures Expected To Be Below Normal

July is typically when we’d move into the dog days of summer, and the century mark is not that unusual during 4th of July weekend. However, it looks like the hot weather will hold off for the foreseeable future. Marilyn Lohmann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service said temperatures this holiday weekend will be seasonal, […]

Lohmann: Hot Weather Not Expected To Stick Around Long

Just a few days into summer, and very summer like heat is bearing down on the Inland Northwest. High pressure has settled into the Northwest, allowing for a lot of sunshine, and in many cases temperatures in the upper 70s to low 90s. These sunny, dry conditions have unfortunately dried out soil conditions across much […]

Despite Damp Conditions, Much Of Inland Northwest Remains Dry

For many across the Inland Northwest, June continued the weather pattern established in late May of a few days of warm weather, followed by showers and a drop in temperatures, and then the cycle starts again. Marilyn Lohmann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service says while much of the first ten days of June have […]

Warmer Temperatures Expected For Final Weekend Of May

After weeks of stagnate, and some would say boring weather, Mother Nature has made things very interesting to wrap up the month of May. Last week, several strong bands of showers rolled across the region, dumping anywhere from ¼” of rain on the Columbia Basin, to over 2” of rain in eastern Washington and North […]

While Sporadic Recent Showers Have Benefits Soil Moisture

The saying across the Northwest during the spring months, if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes this will change. This year, that saying is very true. The region has seen isolated rain showers, and even thunderstorms over the past week. Marilyn Lohmann with the National Weather Service said while some of those […]