R-CALF: Why Aren’t Beef Prices Following Cattle Prices

A bipartisan effort is underway in Washington D.C. to manage what some have called a food crisis when it comes to the prices livestock producers receive. R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard said consumers are paying rapidly higher prices at the store, but cattle prices are collapsing. “Beef prices should follow cattle prices and vice versa, […]

R-Calf Wants USA Label Only For Cows Born Raised Slaughtered in U.S.

R-Calf USA recently penned a letter to President Joe Biden expressing concerns over proposed changes to federal procurement regulations for beef. CEO, Bill Bullard, said the group told the President he could strengthen the domestic cattle supply chain by changing the current standard to requiring that only animals born, raised and slaughtered in the United States be eligible […]

Bullard Reacts To High Beef Import Numbers

The USDA is out with its December cattle and beef trade data, meaning a full view of 2020 is now possible. Imports of beef are continuing to soar, with an all-time high of 4.4 billion pounds coming into the country in 2020. The data shows the average price of fed cattle in 2020 was just […]

R-CALF Asks Perdue to Open CRP Land to Emergency Grazing

R-CALF USA has asked Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue to consider opening up the 24 million acres of land enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program to emergency grazing. The group says it would help to alleviate the backlog in the live cattle supply chain caused by COVID-19, which has reduced overall slaughter capacity. “The fed cattle […]

R-Calf Launches New Website To Connect Consumers With American Grown Beef

Finding beef products has become challenging in many portions of the country during this COVID-19 pandemic. R-CALF USA has launched a new Website that connects consumers with their neighboring cattle farmers and ranchers. Bill Bullard, CEO of R-CALF USA, said they were alarmed to find that the beef industry has been been telling cattle producers […]

R-CALF: Cattle Importers Control U.S. Policy

Last week, the USDA issued a proposed rule to reapportion the Beef Checkoff Program’s Cattlemen’s Beef Board.  R-CALF said the proposed rule reveals importers control more cattle inventories than any state in the U.S. except Texas.  To make its calculations regarding who controls domestic cattle inventories, R-CALF said USDA counts imported live cattle and converts […]