China will Miss Phase One Buying Deadline

China is a long way from meeting the commitments in its trade deal with the U.S. According to calculations made by Bloomberg, in the first 11 months of the year, China imported just over half the goods it promised to buy from the United States in the Phase One Trade Agreement; the 2020 target was […]

Farmers Bracing for More Scrutiny Under Biden?

Bloomberg says American agriculture is likely bracing for more scrutiny of its practices under a Joe Biden administration. Agriculture would potentially see more regulation of everything from environmental protections to workplace safety, a stark contrast from the anti-regulatory Trump administration. The key question will be how much pressure Ag will face as Democrats are divided […]

Department of Justice Looking Into Antitrust Violations In Meatpacking Industry

The Justice Department is formally demanding information from the four biggest meatpackers in the United States, over potential antitrust violations. According to Bloomberg, the DOJ’s antitrust division sent civil investigative demands, which are akin to subpoenas, to the companies…and is talking with state attorneys general about the probe after growing calls for an in-depth investigation. […]

China Halts Some Purchases of U.S. Ag Products

China is halting imports of some U.S. agricultural products through state-run agricultural companies. The move comes as a response to tensions between the U.S. and China regarding Hong Kong. According to Bloomberg News state-owned traders Cofco and Sinograin were ordered to suspend purchases. The action is the latest by China, which puts a trade agreement […]

Trump Uses Defense Production Act to Keep Meatpackers Open

On Tuesday, President Trump signed an executive order keeping meatpacking plants open during the COVID-19 pandemic. The President used the Defense Production Act to order companies to stay open as critical infrastructure, as meatpacking plants over the past couple of weeks closed with spikes in coronavirus cases among employees. According to Bloomberg News, the plan […]

China Studying How to Expedite U.S. Purchases Despite Opposition

Bloomberg says China is looking at possible ways to speed up its purchases of American farm goods to meet its Phase One Trade Agreement commitments. However, it appears not everyone is happy with the idea. The government is looking at speeding up the process because the coronavirus delayed some imports. Proposals include potentially buying 10 […]

Farm Machinery Giants Feeling the Pinch of Coronavirus Fallout

Tractors would likely be moving at a quicker rate this year as farmers across rural America need to replace some aging machines. However, Bloomberg said there is very little movement of farm machinery in the U.S., plus European production is being hampered by shortages across the industry supply chain. Trade war uncertainties and low crop […]

Bloomberg: Meat Import Containers Piling Up in Chinese Ports

According to Bloomberg, there are thousands of containers of frozen pork, chicken, and beef, all sitting in major Chinese ports because of the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.  Transportation disruptions and labor shortages are reportedly slowing operations down drastically.  People familiar with the situation tell Bloomberg that there aren’t enough truck drivers to pick up […]

Ag Secretary Expecting the Third Round of Trade Aid Payments

Even though the first trade deal with China has been signed, Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue said he still expects U.S. farmers to get a third-round of 2019 trade aid payments.  USDA hasn’t officially announced if and when the farmers would get those payments.   Perdue recently told Bloomberg that the move is still waiting for […]

McConnell: Senate to Process USMCA This Week

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggests the Senate will vote on USMCA this week.  Bloomberg News expects a vote Thursday, as the Senate committees required to sign off on the implementing legislation are doing so quickly.  However, a final vote has not been confirmed.   The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved the agreement […]