USDA: Dietary Guidelines Can Be Customized

The ability to customize recommendations is one focus of the latest edition of the dietary guidelines for Americans. “The guideline makes it clear that you can take the framework of the guidelines and you can tailor your diet to your preferences, to your cultural background, even to your financial needs to make sure that that […]

Final Rule On Employment Programs For Those Using SNAP Benefits Released

The USDA is out with its final rule on employment and training programs for SNAP recipients. The USDA’s Brandon Lipps said the changes are aimed at working with states to enhance support services for beneficiaries, returning to the workforce. He noted when the rule was first proposed in March, employment and training efforts would have […]

USDA Continues To Work To Feed Hungry Americans

The USDA has increased efforts over the past couple of months to help make sure Americans have access to food during these uncertain times. “USDA has provided for states to issue emergency supplemental SNAP benefits which is totaling more than $2 billion per month and additional spending in SNAP program,” said deputy undersecretary, Brandon Lipps, […]

USDA Extends Flexibilities Though June

The USDA announced last week it will continue to provide flexibilities to ensure children who need meals receive them, whether or not they are physically at school this fall. “Schools, a lot of them, are still uncertain about what they’re going to do for fall over even spring and so they’re looking at a number […]

USDA Announces Record Farm To School Grants

The USDA has announced this year’s recipients of the Farm to School grants. Deputy Undersecretary, Brandon Lipps said this is largest amount awarded since the program started in 2013. “This year we’re giving out 159 project grants for a total of $12.1 million those are going out to 46 states, travel nations, D.C. and Guam.” […]

On-line SNAP Program Expands

USDA continues to expand its SNAP online pilot program with the addition of Kentucky, Missouri, and Texas “We’ve expanded new flexibilities innovative programs to make sure Americans across the country have access to safe and nutritious food during this national emergency,” said Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue. USDA Deputy Secretary, Brandon Lipps said the program allows […]

USDA Expanding Child Eligibility During Coronavirus Pandemic

The USDA is trying to show flexibility on child eligibility for free meals. “Typically, eligibility standards are a little bit different in the uncertain times that we have now USDA’s working to make sure that all kids have access to food during COVID-19,” said USDA Undersecretary Brandon Lipps. “And so we have maximized flexibilities that […]

How Will New SNAP Training Program Work?

The USDA is out with a new proposal for SNAP Employment and Training Programs. “We provide over $100 million each year for states to operate their ENT programs,” said USDA Deputy Undersecretary Brandon Lipps. “And if a state invests their own money, or includes outside funding from any non-federal source to expand and enhance their […]

USDA Approves School Meals in Washington, California, During Coronavirus Closures

Over the weekend, the USDA approved requests from Washington as well as California to allow meal service during school closures to minimize potential exposure to the new coronavirus. The meals are available at no cost to low-income children, and are not required to be served in a group setting, to ensure kids receive nutritious meals […]

USDA: SNAP Comments Accepted Through December 2nd

The public comment period for proposed changes to Standard Utility Allowances under SNAP closes December 2nd.   “The public comment period on the standard utility allowance is still open and we would certainly encourage comments from  all interested stake holders on that rule,” said USDA’s Brandon Lipps.  “Public comment is extremely important in the rule-making […]