Environmental Groups Ask That Dams Be Breached

Late last month, several federal agencies, including the Army Corp of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation and BPA signed an Environmental Impact Statement keeping the four lower Snake River dams in place. Last week, several environmental groups announced plans to file a suit against the federal government saying not enough was being done to protect salmon […]

Federal Agencies Sign EIS, Keeping Snake River Dams

Earlier this week, several federal agencies signs the Environmental Impact Statement regarding management of the Columbia and Snake River systems. The draft EIS, which was released earlier this year, said removing the Snake River dams would destabilize the power grid and increase greenhouse emissions. The risk of a regional power shortages, the report said, would […]

Final EIS Calls For Snake River Dams To Remain

On Friday, the federal government released it’s Final Environmental Impact Statement regarding the four lower Snake River dams. In the report, the Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation and BPA called for spilling more water over the dams at strategic times to help fish migrate faster. The three agencies said they looked at balancing […]

Yakima Water Rights Completely Restored

On Thursday, the Bureau of Reclamation announced that not only will senior water rights holder in the Yakima Basin get their full allotment of water; but in addition, junior water rights holders will receive up to 100% of their water. Reclamation’s decision was based on the July total water supply forecast which showed considerable improvement […]

Revell: Newhouse Legislation Would Benefit Local Irrigation Districts

Ask Scott Revell, manager of the Roza Irrigation District, he’ll tell you Dan Newhouse’s recently introduced Water Act would be a huge benefit for irrigation agriculture across the western U.S.  He says additional funding is sorely needed.  For example, he said while the Reclamation Act went in to effect in 1902, some irrigation canals across […]

Yakima Valley Water Forecast Shows Month-Over-Month Improvement

It appears the July’s average temperatures helped out Yakima Valley irrigators.  The Bureau of Reclamation released its August Total Water Supply forecast for the Yakima basin Friday.  That reports shows the water supply will fully satisfy senior water rights through this irrigation season.  In addition, junior water rights will receive an estimated 69% of their […]