How Did AMPI Weather The Pandemic?

During the recent World Dairy Expo, Sarah Schmitt with Associated Milk Producers Inc., the largest cheese cooperative in the U.S, talked about how the co-op faired through the pandemic. “Cheese and butter were the darlings of the pandemic. When people were home baking, cooking, what do you turn to but cheese and butter, the old […]

Geiger: Holstein Diversity Meeting Consumers Demands

Butter. Cheese. Ice cream. Whole milk. Consumption is up nationally and globally. And to meet that growing demand, dairy farmers are generating more total pounds of the key ingredient, butterfat. Holstein Association USA President Corey Geiger said it’s a trend that’s been taking place for years. “In the last 10 years, the average butterfat…has gone […]

Darigold Announces Plans To Build $550M Facility In South Central Washington

Darigold plans to build a new state of the art facility near the Tri-Cities. The Port of Pasco announced Thursday the sale of approximately 150 acres of the Reimann Industrial Center to Darigold. Darigold said this purchase will allow them to construct the most sophisticated, large scale milk protein facility in North America, with more […]

Dairy Production Expected To Remain Strong

According to World Agricultural Outlook Board Chairman, Mark Jekanowski, American dairy producers have increased milk per cow. And in response, the USDA has increased milk production forecasts for both the current year 2020 and for year 2021. In addition, he notes butter remain strong in the export market. “We also see a lot of strength […]

Dairy Economist Looks Ahead To 2021

What can dairy producers expect looking ahead to the New Year? University of Wisconsin dairy economist, Dr. Robert Cropp, said many in the farm sector started 2020 with high hopes and great anticipation. And the dairy industry was no different. However 2020 has provided uncharted challenges, from economic uncertainty and struggles with market access resulting […]

Retail Dairy Sales Higher During COVID-19 Pandemic

Monday was National Milk day, and to mark the occasion, the National Milk Producers Federation shared some good news beleaguered U.S. dairy industry. “From March 8 to March 22, as stay-at-home orders and business closures proliferated around the country, dairy products flew off store shelves,” the group said in an announcement. Milk sales were 43% […]

Legislators Send Letter to FDA on Dairy Labeling

Senator Tammy Baldwin, a Wisconsin Democrat, and Jim Risch, an Idaho Republican, have led a bipartisan coalition that sent a letter to Stephen Hahn, the new Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, asking him to stop the use of dairy terms on the labels of non-dairy products.  Under the former commissioner, the FDA began […]