Interior To Revisit Spotted Owl Decision

The U.S. Interior Department is delaying the Trump administration’s last-minute roll-back of federal protections for the northern spotted owl. On February 22nd, federal officials said the changes will be reviewed, delaying their effective date from March 16th to April 15th. Days before leaving office, the Trump administration published a final rule revising protections for the […]

Meat Institute Seeks Supreme Court Review in Case against California’s Prop 12

The North American Meat Institute recently asked the Supreme Court to review an earlier ruling in a challenge of California’s Proposition 12 [The Farm Animal Confinement Initiative]. The Meat Institute petition specifically asks the Supreme Court to review a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Circuit ruling in a challenge by the organization. The Meat Institute […]

Biden Immigration Bill Introduced in Congress

Immigration legislation supported by President Biden has made its way to Congress. Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey and Representative Linda Sanchez of California, both Democrats, introduced Biden’s immigration proposal into their respective chambers. The Hagstrom Report says both members of Congress say the bill will “create an earned pathway to citizenship for all 11 […]

2020 Wildfires Wiped Out Half Of Northern California’s Grapes

Washington and Oregon’s wine grape industries suffered significant damage during wildfires that ripped through the region late last summer. But it wasn’t just the Northwest that reported huge losses. A new USDA report reveals wildfires in northern California wiped out almost half the value of the 2020 crop. Grape growers in the Napa, Sonoma, Lake […]

Court Rejects Prop 12 Challenge in California

The North American Meat Institute’s challenge to California’s Prop 12 is unsuccessful once again. Earlier this week, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the institute’s challenge to the California 2018 ballot initiative that imposes new standards for animal housing. The court decision confirms an initial judgment in October. Roughly 63% of California voters approved […]

Federal Judge Rejects USDA Changes to H-2A Program

A federal court in California issued a preliminary injunction against the Labor Department’s decision to freeze farm workers’ wages for those that use the H-2A Program. Fruit and Nut Grower News said the freeze would effectively lower the wages of several hundred thousand guest farm workers employed in the United States. A preliminary injunction was […]

Forest Management Technology Celebrates 75 Years Of Innovation

The USA Forest Service National Technology and Developing program is celebrating 75 years of innovation. “Originally we were established to re-purpose military equipment and material after World War II and see if we could retrofit that equipment for wild land fire suppression purposes, noted Program Director, Alex Gavrisheff. He went on to say since 1945 […]

McCreary Named Director Of Operations At Ducks Unlimited

California based Ducks unlimited as a new director of Operations for the western region. Jeff McCreary will now oversee the office established to help restore and protect diminishing wetland habitat in Idaho, Washington, Oregon as well as California, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah. “I am pleased to announce that Jeff will be leading Ducks […]

2020 Ranks In The Top Five Of Acres Burned

If you were to rank this year, in terms of acreage burned by wildfires nationwide, where would it sit? “So far in 2020 we’ve gotten above 9.5 million acres. And currently looking at the modern statistics this ranks # 4,” according to USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey. “So if you go back to the previous modern years […]

Lack Of Snow Across The U.S. Is Concerning, Rippey Says

Snow accumulation has been fairly light across not only the west, but much of the country. “In the western area, still very early in the season but snow cover is so important to water supply which leads  to irrigation water the following spring and summer,” said USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey. He noted there has not […]