Ag Industry Watching Democrat Virtual Convention Closely

Democrats are holding their national convention this week, and thanks to the coronavirus, the event is virtual rather than taking place in Milwaukee as scheduled. While on-line, the party is still discussing its platform for the 2020 election and beyond. One aspect that has concerned many in the farming community, the call to restore estate […]

Equity Minute: Tax Deferral Options

Jake Carpenter talks about different tax deferral options that exists, and which may be best for your operation and your future. If you have a story idea for the Washington Ag Network, call (509) 547-1618, or e-mail [email protected]

AFBF: Bill Will Help Preserve Family Farms

Supporters of a bill introduced in the House of Representatives last week say it will help more farm families continue operating their farms after the death of a loved one.  The Preserving Family Farms Act of 2019 is sponsored by Jimmy Panetta of California and Jackie Warlorski of Indiana and has the full support of […]

How Could Farmers Be Impacted By Proposed “Wealth Taxes”

How could a “wealth tax” impact American farmers.  As the presidential race heats up, some Democratic candidates have proposed such as tax on the riches Americans to pay for a variety of programs, from healthcare and childcare to reduce income inequality.  But according to the American Farm Bureau federation, raising estate, capital gains, and other […]