Food Prices Show Massive Increase In September

The recent consumer prince index report surprised a lot of analysts showing higher than expected inflation during September and among food, the inflation leaders. Grocery store food prices rose an average of 1.1% last month. Agriculture department analyst Carolyn Chelius says food prices, on average, rise by only about 2% by an entire year. “And […]

Meats Pushing Food Prices Higher

When purchasing meat at your local grocery store, you’ve probably noticed that prices have ticked higher over the last 18 months. “That’s not going to slow within 2021,” said USDA Economist Carolyn Chelius. She added compared to this time one year ago we’re paying 12% more for beef, over 6% more for poultry, and almost […]

Expect Higher Fresh Fruit Prices This Year

You’ve heard it since you were a kid: for good health, eat more fresh fruits. But, to do it, it’s going to cost you more. USDA Economist and Food Price Tracker, Carolyn Chelius, said consumers in 2019 and 2020 got a break on fresh fruits with prices down both years. She noted, last year, fresh […]

2021 Food Prices Still Hard To Predict At This Point

When 2020 started, USDA economists were forecasting food prices for that year would rise only about half a percent, maybe one and a half; but then came COVID-19. So, as we look back on 2020, we see prices that ended up rising 3.5%; the biggest rise in almost a decade. This year, USDA Economist, Carolyn […]

USDA Expects Additional Food Price Hikes

According to the latest numbers from the USDA, the average American spent about 3.5% more on food at the grocery store compared to what was spent in 2019; the biggest year-over-year jump reported in a decade. A lot of those price spikes came early in the year brought on by disruptions in the supply chain […]

What Does USDA Expect For Food Prices in 2021?

The USDA anticipates when we close the books on 2020, food shoppers will see a year-over-year grocery price increase between 2.5%-3.5%. But, when it comes to the 2021, USDA anticipates some wild swings, and unpredictability. Why? USDA Economist, Carolyn Chelius blames the supply chain disruptions this year. And so we’re expecting that food at home […]

Food Price Increases Expected To Flatten As Year Continues

In some of the most recent years, it was fairly easy to predict what food prices would do in the coming months; the level of inflation had been fairly low and pretty constant and now things are always different.But as we’ve all learned the hard way, 2020 is not a typical year. USDA Economist, Carolyn […]

USDA Shows Food Prices Continue To Increase

According to the latest consumer price index, grocery store food prices contine to rise, increasing about a half a percent last month, and coming in about 5.5% higher than June a year ago. And even though by mid-June or so, US meat processing plants  were reportedly operating at pre-COVID-19 capacity. “We’re still seeing big increases […]