NWFCS Anticipates Profits For Dairy Cattle In 2021

As we start our six part series focused on Northwest Farm Credit Services quarterly Market Snapshot on local commodities, we start with dairy and cattle. Bill Perry, Vice President at NWFCS said the 12-month outlook on cattle suggests slightly profitable returns. “The national herd size is moderating, which is providing tailwinds to producer profitability. Instability […]

Shagam Looks At Profit Trends In Cattle Industry

Who’s making money, and who isn’t making money, in the beef cattle business? When starting at the end point and working backwards, margins are quite firm. USDA Livestock Analyst, Shayle Shagam, said as far as cattle feed lots, those margins have been up and down all year. But that was not the case in October. […]

Idaho Ag Production Up 6% To $8.25B

The value of Idaho agricultural production in 2019 hit $8.25 Billion, up 6% year over year. The rankings of the top nine commodities remained unchanged from 2018. Coming in at $2.86 billion milk remains the leading agricultural commodity in the state. Not only did that value jumped 20% from 2018’s numbers, last year was the […]

Value Of Washington Ag Comes In Under $10B

The value of agricultural production in Washington last year totaled $9.49 billion, a 2% decrease from 2018 numbers. According to NASS apples remain the leading agricultural commodity in the state accounting for $1.96 billion last year, an 8% year over year drop. Apples represented 21% of the total agricultural value in 2019; while apples were […]

Latest USDA Cattle Numbers Unchanged From Last Year

Taking a look at the USDA’s most recent cattle report, markets are fairly neutral at this point. Livestock Analyst, Shayle Shagam, said figures from July 1st of this year are very similar to numbers from July 1st 2019, despite the supply chain disruptions we’ve seen. The number of all cattle and calves July 1st, is […]

Merck Rolls Out Vaccine Designed To Protect Cattle From Pneumonia-Causing Pathogens

Merck Animal Health has introduced Nasalgen 3, a three-way intranasal vaccine that company officials say protects beef and dairy cattle from the most common pneumonia-causing viral pathogens. Dr. Scott Nordstrom is the associate director of ruminant life cycle management at Merck Animal Health. “Nasalgen 3 mimics natural exposure to the most common pneumonia viruses – […]

Greenhouse Remains Top Commodity In Oregon

According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Greenhouse and nursery products remain supreme n the Beaver Sate.  Figures compiled by ODA, Oregon State University and NASS, show greenhouse and nursery products had an annual value of nearly a billion dollars in 2018.  Not only did the sector see a sizeable year over year increase, but […]

Value Of Washington Ag Drops, While Idaho Moves Higher

The value of agriculture in Washington dropped last year.  According to NASS, total production came in at $9.67 billion last year, a 2% drop from the revised 2017 figures.  Apples remain the leading agricultural commodity with a value of $2.19 billion last year, a 10% year-over-year drop.  Apples represented 23% of the total agricultural value […]