Syngenta Rolls Out New Seed Treatment To Help PNW Cereal Growers

Earlier this spring, Syngenta received EPA approval for their newest seed treatment fungicide to help cereal growers in the Pacific Northwest. David Belles with Syngenta said Trebuset will benefit growers in the fight against Fusarium. “This will be used in combination with our other seed treatments such as Sedaxane, Vibrance,  Varaxatonea and Dividend Extreme.  And […]

Helena: Parylay Can Help Wheat Growers Address Tough Broadleaf Weeds

Growing world class wheat is only part of the job description for Northwest producers. The other part is beating back grasses and broadleaf weeds that look to rob the crop of nutrients and much more. Helena says their newest tool should give Northwest wheat growers an advantage in 2021 and well beyond. Parlay was licensed […]

Washington State University Touts New Product To Address Wireworm

BASF’s new insecticide Teraxxa, has been identified to manage wireworm populations and could be available as soon as this spring. WSU Extension educator, Dale Whaley, said wireworms are the amateur stage, the larva form, of click beetles that live in the soil. “They can live in the soil for a number of years, feeding on our winter cereal crops like […]