Supporters: Proposed Legislation Will Provide Certainty For Organic Growers

Late last week, a host of lawmakers including central Washington’s Dan Newhouse and western Oregon’s Peter DeFazio introduction legislation they say will improve the federal process for the oversight of organic standards. Supporters says the Continuous Improvement and Accountability in Organic Standards Act [the CIAO Act] will establish a new framework for advancing organic standards, […]

Maine Representative Introduces the Ag Resilience Act

Maine Representative Chellie Pingree introduced what she calls the “Ag Resilience Act,” which she says would promote “farmer-driven climate solutions.” The bill envisions reaching a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in U.S. agriculture by the year 2040. “Farming has always been a risky business, but unpredictable, extreme weather patterns are creating immense challenges that threaten our […]

Merkley Joins Farmers Bill Of Rights Resolution

On Monday, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley announced that he had joined several other fellow Democrats in introducing the Farmers Bill of Rights resolution.  Merkley, as well as New Jersey’s Cory Booker, and Representatives Deb Haaland and Chellie Pingree say this affirms the rights of family farmers, ranchers, and traditional agricultural communities.  The resolution outlines ten […]

Newhouse Pingree Introduce Food Date Labeling Act

Last week Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse and Maine’s Chellie Pingree introduced legislation they say will ensure Americans don’t throw out perfectly good food.  They said the bipartisan Food Date Labeling Act, will reduce food waste by standardizing date labels on food products.   Recent studies have shown that Americans are confused by food date labels, […]