Thurlby: Growers Will Be Back With Great Fruit After Challenging 2021

When looking back on 2021, one of the most discussed topics was the record heat the Pacific Northwest saw in late June. The area saw temperatures well into the 110’s, but making matters worse for the cherry industry was the fact the heat came during the heart of harvest. B.J. Thurlby, president of Northwest Cherry […]

Newhouse: LCD Research Must Be A Priority For USDA

Earlier this month Dan Newhouse, chair of the Western Caucus, and G.T. Thompson, the House Ag Committee Republican leader, wrote a letter to USDA regarding Little Cherry Disease and the damage being done to the industry. Newhouse said during a recent trip to central Washington, the lawmakers spoke with tree fruit leaders about what growers […]

2021 Cherry Harvest Closes In On 14 Million Boxes Shipped

As the 2021 cherry harvest continues, the news is both good and not so good. To date nearly 13,767,157 20-pound boxes have been picked and shipped, and it looks like the supply will meet the demand of late July promotions. However, the impact of the late June heat is really starting to impact numbers. According […]

Over 11M Boxes Of Cherries Have Been Shipped

Despite a rollercoaster of a year, the cherry harvest continues to progress for Northwest growers. As of Wednesday, 11,311,597 20-pound boxes have been shipped. According to Cherry Growers Northwest, the industry has shipped an average of 420,000 boxes per day for the past week to points around the world. The solid numbers are encouraging during […]

DeVaney: Extreme Heat Has Had An Impact On Cherry Crop, Workers

While the exact numbers have yet to be determined, experts say the extreme heat the Northwest experienced to wrap up June will have an impact on this year’s fruit crop. Jon DeVaney Executive Director of the Washington state Tree Fruit Commission said dealing with triple digit temperatures this early in the summer is unusual. And […]

Northwest Cherry Harvest Starts To Pick Up Steam

After a fairly slow start thanks to cooler temperatures, the rate of the cherry harvest is starting to increase. According to Northwest Cherry Growers, 1.9 million boxes have been shipped. Quality and color remain “exceptional”, but sizing has been a challenge for some growers. The anticipation is the harvest volume will continue to increase in […]

Large California Crop Not Negatively Impacting Northwest Cherry Growers

Cherry harvest continues across the Northwest, but because of the cooler weather over the past week, numbers have slowed a bit. B.J. Thurlby, President of Northwest Cherry Growers, says currently roughly 200,000 boxes are being shipped per day, but he expects that number to increase to 400,000 as hot weather returns to the area. He […]

Cool Weather Slows Northwest Cherry Harvest

Cherry harvest is well under way across the Northwest, and soon consumers will see the 2021 crop on their local store shelves. The cooler weather and isolated showers the region saw in late May delayed the first pick for many of the early growers across the Northwest. And ongoing unsettled weather has kept the pace […]

Latest Cherry Crop Projection Slightly Smaller Than Initial Expectation

Northwest Cherry Growers is out with its second round projections of the 2021 crop. The new expectation for the upcoming year is 223,723 tons, a 6% decrease from the Round 1 estimate. As with Round 1, the model is populated with historical data, growing degree day patterns, acreage shifts, market trends, processing tonnage and in-field […]

Over 237K Tons Of Cherries Expected In 2021

Northwest Cherry Growers released it first crop projection of the year Thursday. The early estimate places the 2021 crop at 237,992 tons. Northwest Cherry Growers points out the 22-person estimation team looks at their orchards as well as the surrounding area’s volume dynamics and compiles overviews for their area. Each member submits the data specific […]