Tyson Agrees to Price-Fixing Settlement

Tyson Foods this week agreed to $221.5 million to settle claims related to price-fixing lawsuits. The settlements are with three consumer and commercial purchasing groups who bought chickens directly from Tyson and require a federal judge’s approval. Tyson did not admit liability in agreeing to settle and said the payments will be reflected in its […]

Ag Groups File Appeal on California’s Prop 12

Back in 2018, California voters passed Proposition 12, which is scheduled to go into effect on January 1st, 2022. But several Ag groups are looking to stop the law before it starts. A Protect the Harvest release says the bill increases regulations on the egg, pork, and veal producers both in the state of California […]

USDA Raises Meat Production Expectations

The USDA has raised its estimates of beef, pork, and broiler production. “Basically what we’re looking at here for both 2020 and this carries forward in to 2021 as well is just the fact that we are moving toward more of a normalized slaughter/capacity slaughter volume,” said World Outlook Board Chair, Mark Jekanowski. Much of […]

CoBank Issues Quarterly Economic Review

CoBank says the recent rebound in the U.S. economy is real; the sharpest post-shutdown economic gains are almost certainly behind us; and a long grind to shore up a shaky economy lies ahead. Despite COVID-19, U.S. grain has been moving and basis has generally tightened since April 1st. Ethanol production and margins began to recover […]

USDA: Plenty Of Meat For 4th of July

Are you planning a big 4th of July cookout?  Well, according to the USDA’s Livestock Analyst Shayle Shagam you won’t have to worry about finding your favorite meat items at the supermarket.  “We have seen production increase around the very low low levels we saw at the beginning of May.” Shagam said not only is […]

Federal Agents Seize Almost Ten Tons of Illegal Meat at California Port

Officials with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports it intercepted 19,500 pounds of prohibited pork, chicken, beef and duck products arriving from China. The products were intercepted at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. According to investigators, most of the animal products were mixed in boxes of headphones, door locks, kitchenware, LCD […]

USDA Expects Better Days Ahead For Meat Industry

Things in the beef, pork, and broiler sectors may look bleak at the moment, however, as USDA Outlook Chairman, Mark Jekanowski put it, “Many of these supply chain challenges are going to be resolved in the weeks and months ahead. However, the USDA Outlook Chairman added. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to be […]

Trump Uses Defense Production Act to Keep Meatpackers Open

On Tuesday, President Trump signed an executive order keeping meatpacking plants open during the COVID-19 pandemic. The President used the Defense Production Act to order companies to stay open as critical infrastructure, as meatpacking plants over the past couple of weeks closed with spikes in coronavirus cases among employees. According to Bloomberg News, the plan […]

Beef Prices Drop Slightly

According to the USDA, while small, beef cattle price declined in early February, but a very sharp decline year-over-year. “Last week, the average five-area steer price, that we track as our benchmark, was $109 per hundred-weight, which was down from about $127 a year ago,” said USDA Livestock Analyst Shayle Shagam. That translates into a […]

Protein Exports Piling up in U.S. Due to Coronavirus

The spread of coronavirus is causing a glut of protein in U.S. cold-storage facilities. The Wall Street Journal said the protein backup includes pork, chicken, and beef intended for export to overseas markets that have been hit by the outbreak. The quantity of breasts, thigh meat, and drumsticks has grown by 12% through the first […]