Kids Encouraged To Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Children are encouraged over the next couple of weeks to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Fee free access to over two thousand National Forest and grassland sites for the remainder of the school year is available for 4th and now 5th graders. Al Remley of the Forest Service said access via the  “Every […]

Study Promotes Food Security During Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt the U.S. economy, it’s low-income households that face a higher risk of food insecurity. This risk is more pronounced in families with school-age children who rely on food assistance programs. As part of a grant from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, researchers studied emergency food provisions […]

Egg Board New Dietary Guidelines Show Benefits Of Eating Eggs

The 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Committee recently released its official scientific report. For the first time the organization is recommending “what to eat for health”, with specific guidelines for children from birth to two years old. The committee recently highlighted that the diets of pregnant women, infants and toddlers can be improved by including […]

Safety, Health A Conversation You Need To Have Often With Your Children

The coronavirus world is confusing place for all of us, especially our children. And with COVID-19 forcing the shutdown of school this spring, and the possibility that kids wont return to the classroom this fall, health and safety experts says its important mom and dad, or any guardian, sits down with young children and talk […]

Perdue Highlights Public-Private Partnership To Feed Hungry Kids

As local, state and federal agencies look to help hungry kids during the coronavirus pandemic, Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue highlighted one of the Department’s relatively new programs; Meals to You. “You’ve probably already heard about the program that we collaborated with on Meals for You,” Perdue noted. “Public/private partnership with the Baylor Collaborative on hunger […]