Ag Groups Urge Administration to Appeal Chlorpyrifos Court Decision

A coalition of agriculture groups urge the Biden administration to appeal a circuit court decision related to chlorpyrifos. The court ruling requires the EPA to either write a new rule to allow for the safe use of chlorpyrifos or halt all food residue tolerances of the insecticide, which would effectively ban its use. The Ag […]

California Court Rules on Chlorpyrifos

A federal court in California gave the Environmental Protection Agency two choices on chlorpyrifos. The agency has 60 days to write a new rule to allow for the safe use of the insecticide, or it can halt all food residue tolerances of chlorpyrifos, which would basically ban most uses of the product. The Ninth Circuit […]

OSU Conducting Chlorpyrifos Alternatives Survey

Researchers at Oregon State University are working to identify alternatives to chlorpyrifos that will work on a variety of commodities. To do that, research has put together a survey to help identify critical issues surrounding Chlorpyrifos, which has been used in Oregon since the mid-1960s, but is on its way out. OSU Project Leader Silvia […]

ODA Phasing Out Many Chlorpyrifos Applications By 2024

The Oregon Department of Agriculture recently filed Administrative Rules with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office looking to significantly limit the use of chlorpyrifos immediately and phases out nearly all use by 2024. The Department said the nearly three-year phase-out provides research time into alternative products and evaluates newly EPA approved insecticides. ODA funded two […]

Democrat Bill Would Ban Pesticides to Protect Farm Workers

Legislation introduced by two Democratic lawmakers would ban chlorpyrifos and other pesticides that cause concern among farmworker groups due to negative health effects. The bill from Tom Udall of New Mexico and Joe Neguse of Colorado would ban organophosphates. According to that’s a group of pesticides that attack the nervous system and that research […]

Senate Bill Banning Chlorpyrifos In Washington Moves To House

Earlier this week, the Washington Senate passed legislation that would ban chlorpyrifos by January 1st, 2022.  Senate Bill 6518 passed primarily along party lines.  Bill author Senator Christine Rolfes said the legislation will reduce prenatal exposure and reduce harm to children.   Now the legislation moves to the House.   Representative Joe Schmick says SB […]

Corteva To Stop Producing Chlorpyrifos By Year’s End

Corteva announced Thursday it will stop producing chlorpyrifos by the end of the year.  The Chicago-based company said declining sales of the pesticide drove its decision to end production, and continues to stress chlorpyrifos is safe.   The company’s move reflects a shift toward newer products in the $14.5 billion global agrichemicals industry amid increased […]