Christmas Tree Expert Don’t Wait To Buy Your Real Tree

With the holidays getting underway next month, the word from Christmas tree growers is that there should be enough real Christmas trees for everybody who wants one. But, Chal Landgren, Oregon State University Christmas tree expert, says there probably won’t be a surplus this year, at least in the Pacific Northwest. He added consumers should […]

Nursery Remains Tops In Oregon; Cherries, Hazelnuts New To The Top Ten

NASS is out with the top commodities for Oregon in 2020. The state’s greenhouse and nursery industry experienced a COVID-19 boon with value of production topping $1 billion for a second year in a row. Industry experts say the “stay home” orders boosted sales nationwide as more people took up gardening and landscaping. Coming in […]

Positive Outlook for Real Christmas Trees in 2021

Christmas tree growers are overcoming logistical challenges of COVID-19 and the heatwave that baked the Pacific Northwest this summer to provide enough trees for 2021 demand. After close evaluation and making tree-by-tree decisions, growers expect to supply the same overall number of real Christmas trees to the marketplace this season as they had planned before […]

Despite Fewer Christmas Trees Cut in Oregon Last Year, Sales Increased

According to NASS, Oregon Christmas tree growers cut fewer trees last year, but made more money. In 2020, 3.44 million trees were cut and sold, down 27% from the last time the survey was conducted, in 2015. However, gross sales in 2020 totaled $107 million, up 26% from 2015. The average price per tree last […]

How Has Christmas Tree Industry Changed Because Of COVID-19

During the summer the National Christmas Tree Association sent guidelines out to tree lots and farms on how they should operate during the pandemic. And for the most part, “the industry did take those best practice recommendations and put them in place,” said Tim O’Connor who helps run the National Christmas Tree Association. O’Connor added […]

Dr. Christmas Tree Looks At Evolution of Industry

The Christmas tree, more specifically, the Christmas tree industry has changed and evolved considerably over the past four decades.  In the middle of that evolution is Washington State University’s Gary Chastagner, also known as Dr. Christmas Tree.   He notes one of the biggest changes came in the form of consolidation, and bankruptcies, triggered by […]

Pennsylvania Farmer Delivers Christmas Tree To White House

For Pennsylvania Christmas tree grower, Larry Snyder,  growing trees is more than a business, he says it’s all about “joy and happiness.”  And he says his job provides a lot of that.   “Raising a product which will be one day in someone’s home creating happiness and joy for those people,” Snyder said.   And […]

Washington Christmas Tree Growers In the Holiday Spirit Year Round

Thanksgiving is still more than a week away, but many producers are already in the Christmas spirit.  Actually, for the hundreds of Christmas tree farms across the Evergreen State, its Christmas time 24/7/365.   “Pruning throughout the year, at several different times to get that nice traditional Christmas tree cone shape, as well as looking […]