Duvall Testifies To How Much Ag Is Doing For The Environment

During last week’s hearing on climate change and the agriculture sector, Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall spoke about how farmers and ranchers are already making an impact, as agriculture accounts for just 10% of greenhouse gasses emitted in the United States. All while agricultural productivity grows. “Over the last two generations, we’ve been able to […]

USDA Looking At Ways To Address Climate Change

The USDA’s top climate official, Robert Bonnie, recently said interest in the topic of the farming industry’s role when it comes to climate change comes directly from President Biden. “He tasked the Department of Agriculture with doing some outreach to agriculture to think about our toolbox of voluntary incentive-based approaches.” Bonnied noted the USDA is […]

Schrier Introduces Bill To Reduce Methane Emissions In Cow Burps

Last month, Washington congresswoman Kim Schrier introduced the Research to Reduce Agricultural Methane Act. She noted this bill will fund the study of innovative ways to reduce methane emissions in livestock, including through feed additives such as seaweed. She said the goal of this legislation is to determine if this research can be a win […]

House Ag Leadership Discusses Agreements, Differences

COVID vaccine distribution, rural broadband, climate change, and racial equity were among the top issues House Ag leaders laid before USDA’s 97th Ag Outlook Forum last week. From his roots growing up on his grandfather’s farm, House Ag Chair David Scott described the plight of America’s black farmers through generations of discrimination and earlier slavery […]

Newhouse: Rejoining Paris Climate Agreement Will Hurt Rural America

On Friday, the United States officially rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement. This came after President Biden signed an Executive Order on his first day in office to reenter the Agreement. Late last week, Dan Newhouse, chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus said the Paris Agreement was a bad deal then and it’s a bad deal […]

Building Up Rural Economy A Priority For Vilsack

For USDA Head nominee Tom Vilsack, building up the rural economy is a priority. “By investing in robust local food systems creates market opportunities for small and mid-sized producers so they can negotiate their own price.” Vilsack said the challenge will be creating and developing fields for today’s farmer. “Carbon sequestration and storage if done […]

What Impact Will Climate Priorities In D.C. Have On The American Farmer?

With the U.S. rejoining the Paris Climate accord, talk of a return to WOTUS and much more in Washington D.C., many in farm country are concerned what long-term impacts the climate priorities of the Biden Administration will have on the agriculture community. During a recent roundtable discussion, Jay Truitt, of Policy Solutions LLC, as well […]

Democrats Seek Climate Change Considerations in Transportation Policy

A group of Congressional Democrats is urging the Transportation Department to prioritize consideration of climate change in transportation policy. In a request to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the group says, “we cannot make progress toward emissions reductions without a program to measure and report on performance.” Led by Senator Ben Cardin, of Maryland, and Representative […]

Newhouse: I Will Continue To Push Ag Committee To Help Farmers, Producers

With Democrats controlling the House and Senate, the priorities of the respective Ag committees have changed compared to sessions past. More of a focus are climate change, racial equality, and hunger programs in more urbanized areas. Dan Newhouse, chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, said while he plans to work with the majority party to […]

Study Shows Precision Agriculture Improves Stewardship

A New Study shows that widely available precision agriculture technology improves environmental stewardship while providing a solid economic return for farmers. “We’re living in a new age of technology, and the equipment can have an enormous positive impact on farmers and the environment,” says Curt Blades, Senior Vice President of Agriculture at the Association of […]