GOP Questions USDA Climate Smart Commodities Effort

While it was just announced Monday, USDA’s $1 billion “Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities” is already generating lots of heat on Capitol Hill. Republican lawmakers told Undersecretary Robert Bonnie this week the USDA may be exceeding its authority in spending $1 billion in Commodity Credit Corporation money for climate-smart pilot projects. “The NRCS was the agency […]

USDA to Invest $1 Billion in Climate Smart Commodities

On Monday, the USDA announced $1 billion in partnerships to support America’s climate-smart farmers, ranchers and forest landowners. The new Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities opportunity will finance pilot projects that create market opportunities for U.S. agricultural and forestry products that use climate-smart practices and include innovative, cost-effective ways to measure and verify greenhouse gas benefits. […]

USDA Expands Partnerships for Conservation

USDA is leveraging its authorities under the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program to bring in new types of partners and expand opportunities in voluntary conservation. In direct response to feedback from stakeholders, USDA updated the program’s rule regarding matching fund requirements, and invested in additional staff to work directly with partners. The program is part of […]

Coalition Seeks CCC Funds for Farm Workers

More than 160 farm groups as part of the Agriculture Workforce Coalition want Commodity Credit Corporation funds to help protect farmworkers. In a letter to Vice President Mike Pence, the coalition says, “We ask for your help as we continue to promote the health and safety of our farm employees and rural communities.” Pence is […]

Roberts: Ag Groups Helped Replenish CCC

As Senate Ag Chair Pat Roberts, and he’ll tell you farm groups turned the tide in the election-year Republican fight with House Democrats to restore $30 billion in key Farm Bill and virus funding in the Commodity Credit Corporation. The Kansas Republican after Democrats relented in a deal that gave them more for school nutrition […]

House Approves Continuation, Reimburses CCC

The House voted Tuesday to extend federal funding through mid-December, meaning the threat of a government shutdown wont be completely addressed until after the presidential election. The bipartisan vote came shortly after top Democrats and Republicans agreed to a reimbursement of the Commodity Credit Corporation, providing billions of dollars for the farming sector. Funds from […]

Roberts Says Farm Bill Future Depends on CCC

Senate Ag Committee Chair Pat Roberts took part in a discussion on the Senate floor this week about the replenishment of the Commodity Credit Corporation. The Kansas Republican pointed out that failure to do so would not only hurt already-struggling farmers, ranchers, and growers, it would jeopardize the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill programs. […]

AFBF Leaning On Congress To Address CCC

In a typical year, funding for the Commodity Credit Corporation is one of the least controversial items on Capitol Hill. However, as we’ve learned the hard way, 2020 is not your typical year. Andrew Walmsley, senior director of congressional relations with the American Farm Bureau, said CCC funding is in jeopardy unless Congress approves money […]

Grassley Confident Ag Will Get Additional COVID-19 Help

Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Grassley said last week he is confident there will be additional help for farming in what will likely be the last major pandemic stimulus bill. While he’s confident that Congress could pass such legislation quickly, he’s less confident of the amount. When it comes to the American Farm Bureau’s request for […]

AFBF: More Farmer Assistance is Necessary

The American Farm Bureau Federation is asking lawmakers to provide more critical resources to farmers hurt by COVID-19’s impact on the food system. The Federation is also looking for more help for rural communities struggling with the pandemic’s impacts. AFBF said many of the country’s struggling farmers were left out of the initial round of […]