Consumer Spending on Food Dropped 10% in 2020

During COVID-19 and the economic recession of 2020, the share of consumers’ disposable personal income spent on food dropped 10.1% from the previous year to 8.62%. The USDA said that’s the lowest share in the past 60 years. Disposable Personal Income is the amount of money that consumers have left to spend or save after […]

Share of Income Spent on Food Dropped 10% In 2020, A Historic Low

The share of U.S. consumers’ disposable income spent on food decreased 10.1% during the pandemic last year. The share declined to 8.6%, the lowest share in the past 60 years, according to the Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service. The share of disposable income spent on food in the United States was relatively steady over […]

USDA to Review Product of USA Labeling

On Thursday, the Federal Trade Commission voted to strengthen its enforcement of the Made in USA standard. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack responded, “American consumers depend upon accurate, transparent labels to obtain important information about the food they consume.” The FTC requires products to display a country of origin. However, if the products are imported and […]

Consumers Plan Record Spending on Easter

According to the latest numbers from the National Retail Federation, consumers plan to spend an average of $179.70 this Easter, the highest figure on record. A total of 79% of Americans will celebrate the holiday and spend a collective $21.6 billion, down slightly from last year’s pre-pandemic forecast of $21.7 billion. NRF President and CEO […]

Huber: Now Is The Time For Farmers To Tell Their Stories

For the first time in 20 years, the top three on the list of industries viewed most positively by Americans are 1.) farming and agriculture, 2.) the grocery industry, 3.) restaurants. Betsy Huber, president of the National Grange, says this is very encouraging news. “I think it’s very positive and I think it’s related to […]

Future Of Farming What Topics Should Ag Be Ready To Discuss?

Gunnar Aune, the current Washington FFA Secretary, says it’s important for the farming community to get in front of many of the biggest issues on the minds of consumers, and those not familiar with farming…such as GMOs, activism and more. If you have a story idea for the PNW Ag Network, call (509) 547-1618, or […]

WSDA Rolls Out Pandemic Relief Grants For Small Meat Processors

To help the meat processors across the state, many of which are relatively small in size, the Washington state Department of Agriculture has made pandemic relief grants available. The funds will go to help address expenses associated with improving capacity during the coronavirus pandemic. The WSDA’s Laura Raymond said local meat processors have been under […]

Industry Analyst Looks At 20 Year Evolution Of Beef Demand

Randy Blach, CEO of Cattlefax, said demand for beef has come a long way in the past 20 years. He was a featured speaker during the recent Feeding Quality Forum sponsored by the Certified Angus Beef program. Blach noted the low in beef demand was basically 1998-2000. “This was the low watermark in beef demand. […]

NCBA: There Is No Beef Shortage

The livestock industry continues struggling with many unknowns as packing plants try to reopen nationwide. Some of the biggest questions haunting the industry: will scared plant workers come back? Will there be enough personal protective equipment? Will liability protections discourage lawsuits? How much will meat production suffer? “There is no beef shortage…we have plenty of […]

Meat Demand Jumps During Pandemic

Because of stay at home orders nationwide, consumers are staying home, eating at home, and that’s translated into many families purchasing more and more meat. Julie Anna Potts, North American Meat Institute President and CEO, said the demand is not a result of more people saying home and hording. “We believe that people return to […]