Sandison: Washington Farmers Continue To Persevere Despite Back-to-Back Challenging Years

It goes without saying, 2020 was a difficult year for Washington’s farm economy. Between challenges with domestic and international trade, worker safety, new government regulation and more, 2020 was a year almost everyone was happy to see come to an end. Unfortunately, for farmers across the Evergreen state, 2021 has not been much better. Drought […]

USDA Extends Deadline to Apply for Pandemic Assistance to Livestock Producers

The USDA is providing additional time for livestock and poultry producers to apply for the Pandemic Livestock Indemnity Program, or PLIP. Producers who suffered losses during the pandemic due to insufficient access to processing may now apply for assistance for those losses and the cost of depopulation and disposal of the animals through October 12th, […]

USDA Rolls Out Innovation 4 Nutrition & Health

The USDA recently handed out several grants to projects designed to build more resiliency of food and in some cases health systems, including those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. “The Gus Schumacher Incentive Program really prioritizes nutrition security. To find and fund innovative solutions to tackle the whole picture of the problem.” Suzanne Stluka of […]

NMPF Encourages Farm County To Get Vaccinated

In an open letter penned earlier this month, the National Milk Producers Federation is urging farmers and ranchers to get the COVID-19 vaccination. The NMPF’s Theresa Sweeney-Murphy, said vaccination rates in rural America are lagging behind their urban and suburban counterparts, which is problematic for a variety of reasons. “Lower vaccination rates are leading to […]

Keep Your Workers Clear Of COVID During Harvest

Harvest season is here across the Pacific Northwest and the last thing you need is someone down and out because of COVID-19. With the delta variant being highly contagious, COVID cases and hospitalizations are on the rise again, just as farmers are heading to the fields this fall. Dr. Tyler Clay, an internal medicine clinical […]

China Opens Strategic Petroleum Reserve Surprising Many

Oil prices rallied a bit in Monday trading, increasing roughly 1%. Patrick DeHaan with Gas Buddy said a variety of issues pushed prices higher, including an ongoing increase in coronavirus cases across the globe, shutdowns in the Gulf Coast rejoin due to hurricane Ida, as well as China’s decision to tap into their Strategic Petroleum […]

USDA: No Year-Over-Year Change In Food Insecurity

USDA’s latest annual look at household food security in America shows no percentage change year over year in the number of households that were food insecure at some point due to lack of resources; 10.5% of all American households in both 2019 and 2020. “The COVID-19 pandemic affected public health and the economy and there […]

Parrella: CALS Continues To Grow Despite Pandemic Challenges

The start of the fall semester was a special one for the College of Agricultural and Life Science at the University of Idaho. After closing the campus down to in person learning in the spring of 2020, students returned to campus in late August for face-to-face learning and research. College of Ag Dean Michael Parrella […]

USDA Rolls Out Additional COVID Relief

For farm, meat packing, and grocery store front line workers who incurred expenses related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the USDA is out with a variety of assistance programs. “Well it’s important for us to give recognition to these incredibly hard workers. I think it’s also important for us to provide some level of support,” noted […]

Schoesler Worries Mandate Will Hurt 4-H Programs

Starting October 18th, Washington government employees, including teachers, police officers and others, need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Add to that list 4-H volunteers across the state. Washington lawmakers connected with the farming community worry this mandate will hurt the program and discourage people from volunteering. “The 4-H program is something incredibly valuable for […]