Easterday Sentencing Delayed Until Early 2022

Cody Easterday will need to wait a little longer before he finds out his sentence. Easterday pleaded guilty back in March to wire fraud for defrauding Tyson Fresh Meats out of $233 million. He admitted to billing Tyson as well as another company between 2016 and 2020 millions of dollars for feed intended for cattle […]

ODFW Called To 5th Depredation This Month

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife crews remain active with wolf depredations in the eastern portion of the state. On Wednesday morning, a range manager found an injured 450 pound calf in a large public grazing allotment in the Five Points Creek area of Union County. The calf was taking to an ODFW office for […]

ODFW: Lookout Mountain Pack Responsible for 8th Depredation

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said the Lookout Mountain Pack is responsible for another Baker County depredation. On Thursday morning, investigators were called to the Lawrence Creek area where a 600 pound calf was found dead on private land within an over 2,800 acre mixed public/private land pasture. ODFW said the carcass was […]

UI To Lead Research Project Focused On PNW Rangelands

Researchers from the University of Idaho, the University of Michigan and The Ohio State University have teamed up for five year project to study impact of stressors on humans, plants and animals on rangeland in Idaho and Oregon. UI assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Management, Sophie Gilbert, said the research was prompted by Western rangelands facing […]

Susewind OKs The Killing Of Togo Wolf

On Thursday, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Director Kelly Susewind authorized the killing one one of two wolves from the Togo pack. The announcement comes following repeated cattle depredations on public and private grazing lands in Ferry County. Four depredations have been attributed to the Togo pack since late June, three of which occurred […]

USDA Launching Market News Reports based on Livestock Mandatory Reporting

Late last week, the USDA announced two new Market News Reports based on Livestock Mandatory Reporting data. The reports will provide additional insight into formula cattle trades and help promote fair and competitive markets, and stems from a recent executive order on competition. USDA will release the first new report, the National Daily Direct Formula […]

Lookout Mountain Pack Responsible For Another Depredation

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said another depredation has been attributed to the Lookout Mountain Pack, however this depredation occurred before the recent lethal order by state officials. ODFW crews were called to the Sisley Creek area in Baker County Monday July 26th, to an insured six-month old, 325-ound calf found in a […]

Cattle Expert Says Demand For Hide Continues To Increase

In addition to the value of a beef carcass and the beef cuts that typically are generated, there is a value of other parts of the carcass that are termed “drop credit.” This includes the value of the hide, head, organs, and blood. While Drop Credits have been depressed in recent years, Katelyn McCullock of […]

Lethal Action Approved Against Lookout Mountain Pack

Late last week, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife approved lethal action against the Lookout Mountain Pack, after a 4th depredation in 14 days. The Department said it will provide a kill permit to the livestock producer who requested the option after ODFW confirmed that the Lookout Mt Pack killed or injured four of […]

Nutrition Research Improving Public Perception of Beef

The Beef Checkoff is celebrating its 35th anniversary, and the NCBA is talking about the successful promotion and research programs driving beef demand. The NCBA said consumers are more open to the nutritional benefits of beef than at any other time since the Checkoff first began more than three decades ago. The Beef Checkoff was […]