Idaho Farmers Set Net Farm Income Record In 2020

2020 was a record year for Idaho farmers when it comes to net farm income. Idaho Farm Bureau Federation’s Sean Ellis said the numbers wouldn’t normally indicate a record year, as total expenses went up considerably last year while total farm gate revenue stayed the same. “In an average year, Idaho farmers will get somewhere […]

Impact Of Summer Heat On Idaho Cattle Herd To Be Determined

The impact this summer’s record breaking heat had on the Idaho cattle herd is in some ways already evident, and in others to be determined. Cameron Mulroney, Executive Vice President of the Idaho Cattle Association said producers across the state saw a very sizeable jump in their operation budget due to feed costs. He noted […]

Despite Challenges Washington Beef Counts Program Proves Successful

The results of this year’s Beef Counts fundraiser in Washington’s Okanogan County was one of the most successful in the past decade, despite recent hardships. Over the past two year, beef producers have dealt with a global pandemic, supply chain shutdowns, as well as record heat, drought and wildfires. But despite all of that, donations […]

Is The U.S. Cattle Herd Shrinking? Maybe

The nation’s beef cattle herd may be shrinking at a faster pace than some had expected. It may not be definitive at all through Friday’s new USDA report of cattle feed lot numbers. “The signals continue to point towards smaller cow numbers[now and into 2022].” USDA Livestock Analyst, Shayle Shagam said placements into feedlots during […]

House Ag Looks To Introduce Cattle Contract Library Act

The House Agriculture Committee will advance several bills Thursday, including one supporters says will boost cattle contract transparency. The bipartisan, industry-backed Cattle Contract Library Act is expected to boost contract transparency and producer leverage in negotiating with packers, a top concern in the highly concentrated industry. “The Agricultural Marketing Service maintains a library of the […]

Washington Ag Production Value Increases During Pandemic

The value of Washington agriculture production increased 7% last year to $10.2 billion. With a value of $2.10 billion last year, apples remain the state’s leading agricultural commodity.  That was a 7% jump from 2019 numbers.  Apples represented 21% of the total agricultural value in 2020. In the previous year, apple’s share of the total […]

Value of Idaho Ag Up 4% In 2020

According to NASS, the value of agricultural production in Idaho hit $8.4 billion in 2020, up 4% year over year; the value of Idaho’s crop production in 2020 was $3.61 billion, up 8% from 2019. The value of livestock production in 2020 totaled $4.79 billion, up less than 1% from the previous year. The rankings […]

Nursery Remains Tops In Oregon; Cherries, Hazelnuts New To The Top Ten

NASS is out with the top commodities for Oregon in 2020. The state’s greenhouse and nursery industry experienced a COVID-19 boon with value of production topping $1 billion for a second year in a row. Industry experts say the “stay home” orders boosted sales nationwide as more people took up gardening and landscaping. Coming in […]

Updated Cow Calf Research Facility A Benefit To Idaho, Industry Alike

This summer, the University of Idaho opened the school’s new cow-calf research location near Salmon. Michael Parrella, dean of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences said the upgraded Nancy M. Cumming Research, Extension and Education Center improves connectivity, allowing faculty in Salmon to better work with those in Moscow and across the state. Parrella […]