Shagam Looks At Profit Trends In Cattle Industry

Who’s making money, and who isn’t making money, in the beef cattle business? When starting at the end point and working backwards, margins are quite firm. USDA Livestock Analyst, Shayle Shagam, said as far as cattle feed lots, those margins have been up and down all year. But that was not the case in October. […]

NCBA: Industry Feedyard Audit Tool Now Available

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association this week released a comprehensive industry feedyard audit tool. The organization said the Cattle Industry Feedyard Audit will serve as a standardized audit tool based on the science and common sense established in the Beef Quality Assurance, or BQA program. Though the audit tool is owned by NCBA, auditing of […]

Jones Looks Back On Year As USMEF Chair

Idaho cattle feeder Cevin Jones is wrapping up his one-year term as chair of the U.S. Meat Export Federation. He notes while 2020 has been challenging in a variety of ways, they were able to come up with innovative ways to communicate with international consumers and industry stakeholders. Jones added the coronavirus not only impacted […]

USDA Continues To Fight Brucella

For decades, the USDA has worked to control Brucella in livestock populations. “There are figures that say, back when we first started working on this that in 1952 that production losses from Brucella amounted to about $400 million dollars. Today it’s less than $1 million. The USDA’s top veterinarian, Jack Shere, said in 2020, there […]

USDA: Prices Index Up In September

Friday’s USDA Ag report shows the prices received by farmers nationwide increased for nearly every commodity in September. And as Gary Crawford explains that pushed the September Price Index Up 0.9% from August’s numbers, and roughly 1% higher than September a year ago. If you have a story idea for the PNW Ag Network, call […]

Cattle Groups Discuss need for Beef Industry Reforms

Cattle groups met in Florida last week to discuss reforms to the beef industry. The meetings included the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association, the Organization for Competitive Markets, and R-CALF USA. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the nation’s largest cattle group, was invited but did not participate. NCBA President Marty Smith stated, “NCBA will not participate in […]

NCBA Releases Price Discovery Proposal

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association released its proposal over the weekend for voluntary cattle market price discovery. In a letter to NCBA members, NCBA President Marty Smith said the proposal “lays out a plan to increase negotiated trade and incentivize each of the major packers’ participation in such negotiated trade.” An NCBA working group came […]

Minnesota Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Meatpackers

A U.S. District Court in Minnesota has dismissed an anti-trust lawsuit against meatpackers like Tyson Foods, JBS, the National Beef Packing Company, and Cargill. R-CALF led several plaintiffs in filing the lawsuit. Chief Judge John Tunheim left open the opportunity for plaintiffs to amend their complaint. Tyson Foods said, “We’re pleased with the court’s decision.” […]

Changes Reported In Top Oregon Commodities

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is out with the top commodities of 2019 and there was a bit of a shakeup. The top commodity grown in Oregon remained Greenhouse and Nursery last year, accounting for nearly $1 billion. Hay moved in as the new #2 commodity, accounting for over $674-million last year. Dropping to 3rd […]