USDA Announces Dates for CRP and Grasslands Signup

USDA set a deadline of July 23, 2021, for all agricultural producers and landowners to apply for the Conservation Reserve Program General Signup number 56. Also, the USDA’s Farm Service Agency will accept applications for CRP Grasslands from July 12 to August 20. This year, USDA updated both signup options to provide greater incentives for […]

Drought Conditions Very Concerning For Northwest Wheat Growers

2021 is shaping up to be one of the driest years of recent, if not of a generation. Michelle Hennings, Executive Director of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers said it is so dry already, that some are speculating this could be the worst drought reported in 100 years. Because of that, the wheat crop […]

USDA Initiative to Quantify Climate Benefits of CRP

The USDA’s Farm Service Agency announced an initiative to quantify the climate benefits of CRP contracts. The multi-year effort will enable USDA to better target CRP toward climate outcomes and improve existing models and conservation planning tools while supporting USDA’s goal of putting American agriculture and forestry at the center of climate-smart solutions to address […]

Vilsack, Ag Senators Discuss Priorities

Ag Senators met privately this week with USDA head Tom Vilsack to discuss legislative priorities. Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley says the meeting was “off the record”, and he couldn’t detail what others said, but he mentioned his priorities. “I brought up with Vilsack, a couple of my priorities. First, the department should be in the […]

Vilsack Rolls Out New Climate Change Efforts

Last week, USDA head Tom Vilsack made a trio of announcements when it comes to Ag’s role in addressing Climate Change. “We recently announced the expansion of our CRP program, our Conservation Reserve Program. Looking forward to adding 4 million acres to the program. This 4 million acres will allow us to essentially store 3.6 […]

NACD Supports CRP Changes

On Wednesday, the National Association of Conservation Districts threw its support behind changes to the CRP program. The changes announced by Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack program include adjusting rental rates and introducing a variety of incentive payments, including a climate incentive payment. Vilsack said the revamp is intended to incentivize participation. Vilsack also announced that Safe […]

USDA Expands and Renews Conservation Reserve Program

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack just announced that USDA will open enrollment in the Conservation Reserve Program with higher payment rates, new incentives, and a more targeted focus on the program’s role in climate change mitigation. Additionally, USDA is announcing investments in partnerships to increase climate-smart agriculture, including $330 million in 85 Regional Conservation Partnership Program […]

USDA Looks To Reverse Decline in Conservation Reserve Sign-Ups

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says the USDA is only days away from announcing “greater opportunities” for landowners to take fragile farmland out of production in exchange for a payment. The Biden Administration is looking for ways to halt a 13-year decline in the number of signups under the Conservation Reserve Program, the largest land set-aside […]

USDA Extends General Signup for Conservation Reserve Program

Sign up for the Conservation Reserve Program was scheduled to end February 12th, but the USDA has decided to extend that deadline. USDA said it will continue to accept offers as it takes the opportunity for the incoming Administration to evaluate ways to increase enrollment. Under the Trump Administration, incentives and rental payment rates were […]

CRP Sign-up Underway

Farmers interested in signing up for Conservation Reserve Programs, have until February 12th to do so. FSA Administrator Richard Fordyce said while the window is not large, he’s confident it’s long enough for those interested in CRP to sign-up, or at least get their questions answered. For landowners interested in participating, Fordyce said the process […]