USDA Expands Partnerships for Conservation

USDA is leveraging its authorities under the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program to bring in new types of partners and expand opportunities in voluntary conservation. In direct response to feedback from stakeholders, USDA updated the program’s rule regarding matching fund requirements, and invested in additional staff to work directly with partners. The program is part of […]

USDA Launches First Phase of Soil Carbon Monitoring Efforts through CRP

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investing $10 million in a new initiative to sample, measure, and monitor soil carbon on Conservation Reserve Program acres. The investment seeks to better quantify the climate outcomes of the program. USDA said CRP is an important tool in the Nation’s fight to reduce the worst impacts of climate change facing our farmers, […]

USDA Accepts Over 2.5 million Acres in Grassland CRP Signup

The USDA accepted offers for more than 2.5 million acres from agricultural producers and private landowners for enrollment through this year’s Grassland Conservation Reserve Program Signup. This is double last year’s enrollment and brings the total acres enrolled across all CRP signups in 2021 to more than 5.3 million acres, surpassing USDA’s goal of four […]

FSA Working To Increase CRP Numbers

Back in 2018, Congress set the CRP acreage target at 25 million. How close is USDA to reaching that goal? “We’re at 20.6 million at the end of July.” And the FSA’s Zach Ducheneaux said they may end the year four million short of the target. He said since 2018 farmers have been taking more […]

USDA Accepts 2.8 Million Acres for the Conservation Reserve Program

The Department of Agriculture has accepted 2.8 million acres in offers for enrollment into the Conservation Reserve Program in 2021. This year, almost 1.9 million acres in offers have been accepted through the General CRP Signup, and USDA’s Farm Service Agency has accepted over 897,000 acres for enrollment through the Continuous Signup. The Continuous Signup […]

USDA Announces Dates for Conservation Reserve Program Grasslands Signups

Farmers have until August 20 to apply for the Conservation Reserve Program Grasslands. This year, the Department of Agriculture updated signup options to provide greater incentives for producers and increase the program’s conservation and climate benefits, including setting a minimum rental rate and identifying two national priority zones. The CRP Grassland signup is competitive, and […]

Over 1,000 Counties Approved for Emergency Haying and Grazing on CRP Acres

More than 1,000 counties are eligible for emergency Conservation Reserve Program haying and grazing. The most recently published list of counties with permitted haying and grazing on CRP land, which was released Thursday 06/24/21, includes 1,021 counties, or 32% of counties nationwide. Primarily located in the West, 860 of those counties have been designated in […]

USDA Announces Dates for CRP and Grasslands Signup

USDA set a deadline of July 23, 2021, for all agricultural producers and landowners to apply for the Conservation Reserve Program General Signup number 56. Also, the USDA’s Farm Service Agency will accept applications for CRP Grasslands from July 12 to August 20. This year, USDA updated both signup options to provide greater incentives for […]

Drought Conditions Very Concerning For Northwest Wheat Growers

2021 is shaping up to be one of the driest years of recent, if not of a generation. Michelle Hennings, Executive Director of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers said it is so dry already, that some are speculating this could be the worst drought reported in 100 years. Because of that, the wheat crop […]

USDA Initiative to Quantify Climate Benefits of CRP

The USDA’s Farm Service Agency announced an initiative to quantify the climate benefits of CRP contracts. The multi-year effort will enable USDA to better target CRP toward climate outcomes and improve existing models and conservation planning tools while supporting USDA’s goal of putting American agriculture and forestry at the center of climate-smart solutions to address […]