Dairy Groups Announce Federal Milk Pricing Proposal

Earlier this week, four Midwestern dairy groups this week announced a Federal Milk Marketing Orders proposal. The proposal aims to create long-term stability in fluid milk pricing and reducing the likelihood of negative producer price differentials that cut into farmers’ revenue last year during the pandemic. The proposal from the Dairy Business Association, Edge Dairy […]

Jekanowski Explains Why USDA Moved Dairy Prices Higher

The USDA recently raised its price forecast for dairy products across the board. “This largely is reflecting kind of a rebound in food service demand as the economy starts to reopen and restaurants and food service and hotels start to see an increase in their business,” said USDA World Outlook Board chair Mark Jekanowski. “Cheese […]

DMC Enrollment Begins Tuesday

Enrollment for the Dairy Margin Coverage Program opens Tuesday and runs through December 11th. The DMC, is a voluntary risk management program that offers dairy producers protection when the difference between the all-milk price and the average feed price, the margin, falls below a certain dollar amount selected by the producer. DMC payments triggered for […]

Dairy Economist Looks Ahead To 2021

What can dairy producers expect looking ahead to the New Year? University of Wisconsin dairy economist, Dr. Robert Cropp, said many in the farm sector started 2020 with high hopes and great anticipation. And the dairy industry was no different. However 2020 has provided uncharted challenges, from economic uncertainty and struggles with market access resulting […]

Diary Production & Prices Expected To Increase

According to the latest USDA projections, dairy production and prices are expected to increase later this year into 2021. “Pretty strong increases in our forecasts for cheese, for butter, and for non-fat dry milk,” said World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair, Mark Jekanowski. “For cheese and butter it’s directly reflects the re-opening of the economy, the […]