NMPF Supports Efforts to Modernize Animal ID and Disease Traceability Requirement

The National Milk Producers Federation has submitted comments supporting the USDA’s proposal on the use of Radio Frequency Identification Tags, RFIDs. USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service proposes RFID tags as Official Identification in cattle and bison. NMPF President and CEO Jim Mulhern said, “A national animal identification system can provide immediate access to […]

NMPF Reminding Farmers To Sign Up For CFAP

The National Milk Producers Federation reminds dairy farmers to sign up for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. CFAP is the main method USDA is using to help farmers weather the COVID-19 pandemic. NMPF spokesperson Chris Galen said dairy farmers have received nearly $2 billion, but there is more funding available. “We were one of the […]

How Do Dairy Producers Balance Nutrition And Expenses?

Achieving profitability in the dairy industry today can seem like a game of dominoes. Every decision connects other aspects of your operation; sometimes in unforeseen ways. Profits require high levels of milk production, which requires a large amount of high-quality feed. But how do farmers balance feed costs with nutrition and profit? Bill Weiss, a […]

USDA: Drop Of Small Dairy Farms Continues

Even before the financial challenges of the last two years, contraction of small and even medium sized dairies had been underway for some time.According to the 2017 Consensus of Agriculture, there were over 30,000 operations with fewer than 200 dairy cows, a drop of roughly 10,000 in roughly a decade. USDA Research Economist, James MacDonald, […]

Consolidation Trend Continues In Dairy Sector

The trend of consolidation of dairy farms over the last two decades has primarily been steady. At the same time, the trend of the number of small dairy operations declining has been steady as well. That’s not surprising information within a recent USDA study of  dairy industry consolidation. Research economist, James MacDonald, said the most […]

Diary Production & Prices Expected To Increase

According to the latest USDA projections, dairy production and prices are expected to increase later this year into 2021. “Pretty strong increases in our forecasts for cheese, for butter, and for non-fat dry milk,” said World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair, Mark Jekanowski. “For cheese and butter it’s directly reflects the re-opening of the economy, the […]

UC Davis: Dairy Industry Improving Environmental Footprint Thought Efficiency

Go on-line, or check out your social media feed, it seems like the livestock and production agriculture are among the first industries to come under fire for greenhouse gas emissions and environmental footprint. But one scientist at the University of California-Davis says that’s all wrong. Efficiency in today’s agriculture production is driving improvements when it […]

USDA Expects Dairy Output To Increase

More dairy cows and more like per cow than a year ago. That adds up to U.S. production up 1.4% from April a year ago. “We expect production to continue to increase in to 2021,” said USDA Outlook Chairman Mark Jekanowski. He added the dairy herd in April was slightly smaller than March, still 0.5% […]

Despite Production Increase, Milk Prices May Increase In 2020

What can the dairy industry expect in the coming year on the national level?   USDA analyst, Jerry Cessna, expects slow growth in milk production in 2020, at roughly 1.4%.  Cessna said despite more output, milk prices this year could be a little higher than they were in 2019.   “We should see continued growth in […]