What Can Dairy Industry Expect In 2021? Expert Weighs In.

The Dairy market appears to have stabilized after the uncertainty of 2020. Brian Doherty, Senior Market Advisor with Total Farm Marketing said despite more stability, there are some warning signs ahead. “I think there are some warning signs, and it’s production. We’ve been at this for a long time, and if you stop and look […]

Harden Named President/CEO at U.S. Dairy Export Council

Dairy Management Inc. and the U.S. Dairy Export Council announced the promotion of Krysta Harden from chief operating officer to President and CEO. Harden was named COO in May 2020. During that time, she continued her role as executive vice-president of global environmental strategy for DMI, which manages the national dairy checkoff for 34,000 dairy […]

U.S. Dairy Farm Numbers Continue to Decline

Data from the USDA shows the number of licensed dairy operators in the United States continues to decline. USDA’s Milk Production report showed the fourth-largest year-over-year decline in the number of licensed dairy operations in the last 15 years. There were 2,550 fewer licensed dairy operations in 2020 than in 2019, when the number dropped […]

Twenty Years Of Dairy History

The nation’s dairy industry has changed a great deal over the past two decades. Farms are larger in scale, with more cows, and with advancements in technology, dairy cattle breeders are focusing more on improving herd genetics and performance than ever before. Miles Ramsay sat down with an industry expert to talk about these changes, […]

Schrier Introduces Bill To Reduce Methane Emissions In Cow Burps

Last month, Washington congresswoman Kim Schrier introduced the Research to Reduce Agricultural Methane Act. She noted this bill will fund the study of innovative ways to reduce methane emissions in livestock, including through feed additives such as seaweed. She said the goal of this legislation is to determine if this research can be a win […]

Central Life Science Offers New Feed Through Options For NW Dairy Producers

Flies can create problems for dairy producers year round, leading to a drop in production, a loss in revenue or both. For Northwest dairy farmers looking to control fly, and improve their bottom line, Central Life Sciences has two feed through products that can do so for a low overall cost. Mark Upton, Director of […]

WHO Food Price Index Increases Again in January

The January Food Price Index averaged 113.3 points, or 4.3% higher than in December 2020. That marks eight straight months of increases for the index and the highest monthly average since July 2014. The latest increase reflected strong gains in the sugar, cereals and vegetable oils sub-indices, while meat and dairy values were also up […]

NMPF: 2021 Holds Promise

National Milk Producers Federation President CEO Jim Mulhern says 2021 holds promise, with a big to-do list. In the new Congress, the organization seeks to advance dairy’s needs within COVID-19 relief legislation. Meanwhile, child nutrition programs are up for reauthorization, offering a chance to maintain and expand dairy options in school meals and build upon […]

Northwest, U.S. Cattle Inventory Down Slightly

Latest numbers from NASS show the cattle inventory dropped slightly, both regionally and nationally. A report on U.S. cattle inventory shows 93.6 million head of cattle and calves on U.S. farms as of January 1st, slightly below the 93.8 million last year. Of the 93.6 million head inventory, all cows and heifers that have calved […]

2020 Was A Year Of Two Extremes For Idaho Dairy

For the dairy industry, 2020 was a year of two, very different halves. Dairy West’s Vice President of Strategic Communications Kristi Spence says 2020 started off very strong, which was welcomed news after several years of low milk prices. However the COVID pandemic brought the supply chain to a standstill, forcing milk prices to plummet, […]