Data Helps Improve The Nation’s Dairy Herd

It’s no surprise. Data, and the knowledge it brings, is everything for farmers in 2021. And that data is making positive impacts on all areas of agriculture, especially for dairy farmers. High-performing. Healthy, and hassle-free. Three traits that can make all the difference to a dairy producer’s quality of life, and bottom line. Dairy Production […]

Milk Production Remains High

Despite a slow down in demand for dairy products and falling prices the nation’s dairy operations are still turning out more milk than a year ago with a combination of more cows and more like per cow. The latest evidence? The most recent USDA Milk Production Report shows July’s milk output a bit over 19 […]

USDA Establishes Dairy Donation Program

On Wednesday, Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary Jewel Bronaugh announced the establishment of a $400 million Dairy Donation Program. The program aims to facilitate timely dairy product donations while reducing food waste. The establishment of DDP is part of the $6 billion pandemic assistance USDA announced in March and follows last week’s announcement of the […]

Vilsack Provides Dairy Assistance Details

Members of the dairy industry, particularly small and mid-sized operations, have been hit hard by the pandemic. Last week, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced details of what’s being called the Pandemic Market Volatility Assistance Program. He noted any program to help producers must address basic assistance efforts. “One, a dairy donation program that is designed […]

Idaho Dairy Farmer Goes Before Senate To Stress Importance Of USMCA Enforcement

Allen Huttema, Executive Committee Member of the National Milk Producers Federation, recently spoke before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee stressing the importance of enforcing the USMCA. The Parma, ID area dairy producer said it’s important that all countries, particularly Canada, holds to even the spirit of the agreement. “Making sure that our dairy products, the […]

High Desert Milk Rolls Out $50M Expansion

A Burley, ID based dairy processor has undergone a major expansion that cooperative officials say nearly doubles output. According to High Desert Milk, this improvement will allow them to increase annual butter output from 45 million pounds to 85 million pounds and add a new, high-demand milk-powder product called MPC-70 to its lineup.  MPC-70 is a milk-protein […]

CAFO Permit Request For Boardman Dairy Continues To Move

The Oregon Department of Agriculture announced Tuesday it had received a Confined Animal Feeding Operation, or CAFO, application from Cole Easterday, on July 22nd. This new application came about a week after Cole’s father, Cody Easterday withdrew his CAFO application for the same site, at the request of ODA. The new CAFO application is similar […]

Cattle Producers Reminded To Watch for Metritis

Metritis is a common disease in cattle that producers need to keep an eye out for. Dr. Eric Moore, director of technical services with Norbrook, said Metritis is one of the more common cattle diseases, especially in dairy cattle. “We talk about Metritis, it’s a common disease. We’ll have incidents of Metritis up to 30% […]

Explaining Ag To All Must Be A Priority for Today’s Farmer

It’s a theme heard often in the farming community. How can the boots on the ground effectively communicate to the consumer what farming is all about, and why it matters in their everyday life? And that means utilizing a variety of strategies and innovations to facilitate education and dialog. “It’s so important to understand who […]