Washington’s Invasive Species Awareness Week Goes Virtual

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has proclaimed February 22nd through February 28th as Invasive Species Awareness Week. “Invasive species threaten our economy, environment, recreation opportunities and can even harm our health,” Inslee said. “I’m calling on everyone who loves this state we call home to become aware of invasive species and take steps to prevent the […]

Sandison: COVID, Trade Issues Remain Into 2021

It may be a different year, but many of the problems that plagued the Washington Ag community remain. While a vaccine is being distributed, it will be sometime before coronavirus is not the most pressing issue on the minds of the Ag industry, and Americans in general. Derek Sandison, director of the Washington state Department […]

WSDA: Emergency Food Demand Expected To Be Elevated For Months, Years To Come

The strain on emergency food resources across Washington is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. A Thursday webinar focused on the current challenges of providing healthy nutritious food for Washingtonians in need, and how those challenges could evolve into the future. Washington state Department of Agriculture Director Dereck Sandison said in the early days […]

Sandison: Farmers Have Done A Great Job Weathering Coronavirus

The farm community across the Northwest, across the country, was brought nearly to a standstill at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic back in March. While supply chains were in many cases shutdown, Derek Sandison Director of the Washington state Department of Agriculture, said the Ag community in the Evergreen state did an excellent job […]

WSDA, Others, Working To Feed Millions Of Washingtonians

It’s estimated that in the month of April, 1.6 million Washingtonians relied on their local food bank in some fashion. That figure is expected to cross the two million mark during the month of May. As the fight against the coronavirus continues and with many people out of work, or unable to get into work, […]

WSDA Offices Closed But Department Remains Fully Operational

In line with Governor Jay Inslee’s Stay At Home Proclamation, the Washington state Department of Agriculture will close offices to the public starting Wednesday. However, that does not mean help is not available for the state’s Ag community. Despite the closure, WSDA issued a statement Tuesday saying the agency supports the state’s critical infrastructure, and […]

Perdue: Food Supply In Good Shape Despite Coronavirus Fears

On Thursday, we told you that Washington state Department of Agriculture Director Derek Sandison is confident that farmers across the Evergreen state will keep the food supply chain open and operational. What about at the national level? “We were on a conference call [this week] with all out food suppliers and vendors, and those that […]

WSDA: We Are Committed To Keeping Washington’s Food Supply Chain Open, Operational

As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to grow nationally, and across the Northwest, some have expressed concern, and even doubt, that there will be enough food. In response Washington state Department of Agriculture Director Derek Sandison released a statement Wednesday saying, “I want to assure the public that we are committed to keeping Washington’s […]

Washington’s TSEP Program Earns National Honors

Congratulations to the Washington state Department of Agriculture’s Technical Services and Education Program.  Last week TSEP earned a national innovation award as “one of the most robust pesticide safety training programs in the nation”.  That award was handed out at the Pesticide Stewardship Alliance annual conference in San Antonio, TX.  TPSA is a national consortium […]

NW Cherry Growers Hopeful New Rule Will Prevent Losses

A new rule that went into effect this year removes penalties for cherry processors in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Utah, who previously faced lost market access to or through California for an entire season when fruit from just a few individual growers tested positive for fruit fly larva.  Under the new rule, fruit at […]