Drought Continues To Spread Across The Northwest

The Northwest continues to dry out. According to the latest numbers from the USDA, nearly 46% of the state of Washington is under a D2 designation, or Severe Drought. Meanwhile 23% of the state is under an Extreme Drought, D3 designation. In Oregon, nearly 37% is under an Extreme Drought, with 5% under a D4 […]

Spring Wheat Crop Struggling Nationwide

According to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey, the news about the Spring Wheat crop is not good nationwide. He noted 37% of the crop is rated good to excellent, 27% very poor to poor. “That’s a decline slightly from last week’s condition of 38% and 25% respectively and a dramatic drop from last year’s 81% good […]

Canola Growers Feeling The Impact Of Dry Spring

The dry spring has been challenging for a variety of producers, particularly canola growers. Karen Sowers with the Pacific Northwest Canola Association said winter canola is actually looking pretty good, including in Oregon’s Wilamette Valley. “Spring canola is all over the board from looking very good in the draws depending on seeding depth an date. They seem to make all […]

Rippey: Pasture Conditions Still Dire

To start the month, the USDA reported 39% of pastures and rangelands across the nation were in poor to very poor condition.  Last week, that figure improved slightly to 37%, but according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey, pasture and rangeland conditions remain a huge concern. He noted in several states, especially in the West, range […]

Drought Conditions Very Concerning For Northwest Wheat Growers

2021 is shaping up to be one of the driest years of recent, if not of a generation. Michelle Hennings, Executive Director of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers said it is so dry already, that some are speculating this could be the worst drought reported in 100 years. Because of that, the wheat crop […]

Rippey: Drought Hurting Spring Wheat

The drought is taking a toll on the nation’s spring wheat crop. “Just 38% of the crop rated good to excellent. 25% rated very poor to poor that represents a decline from last week which was not a very good number 42% good to excellent 20% very poor to poor,” USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey noted […]

While Temperatures Moderate, Dry Conditions Persist

To say the first week of weather in June has been all over the map may be an understatement. Last week, the Northwest saw temperatures climb into the upper 90s with some triple digits recorded. Then, over the weekend, the the strong ridge of high pressure that brought in extremely hot temperatures broke down, allowing […]

Western Drought Continues To Intensify

Despite an overall decline in drought conditions across the continental United States over the past month, drought conditions intensified across much of the west. “As we move in to the month of June we continue to see at least two thirds coverage of the two highest drought areas D3 to D4 or extreme to exceptional […]

National Pasture Conditions Improve, But Not In The Northwest

Pasture and rangeland conditions have improved across the central and southern Great Plains, thanks to abundant rainfall as of recent. “As of the 30th of May, we’re seeing the good to excellent rating 31% nationally That’s up 3% from last week, but we still see39% of the pastures and rangelands rated very poor to poor […]

What Can PNW Wheat Grower Do To Overcome The Yield Gap?

When it comes potential yield loss among wheat crops in the Pacific Northwest, recent research points toward unrealized grains per head and low grain weight as the chief issues for growers to overcome. Cat Salois, Director of Research and Technology for The McGregor Company, said the stay green, or longevity, of the flag leaf contributes […]