Easterday Sentencing Delayed Until Early 2022

Cody Easterday will need to wait a little longer before he finds out his sentence. Easterday pleaded guilty back in March to wire fraud for defrauding Tyson Fresh Meats out of $233 million. He admitted to billing Tyson as well as another company between 2016 and 2020 millions of dollars for feed intended for cattle […]

Easterday Has Until Mid-July To Withdraw Oregon CAFO Application

Cody Easterday has until July 15th to withdraw his application for a Confined Animal Feeding Operation permit, better known as a CAFO permit for a large dairy operation at the former Lost Valley Farm near Boardman. The Oregon Department of Agriculture and state Department of Environmental Quality have worked with Easterday since June 2019 on […]

Two Look To Purchase Easterday Farm Land

Following the recent bankruptcy of central Washington based Easterday farms, it appears much of the farm land could be sold soon. According to Northwest News Network, nearly 12,000 acres of the family farmland in Benton County is up for $210 million, but will most likely sell for more than that. And at this point, the […]