Sharp: Delisting Of Wolf Great News For Oregon Cattle Producers

In late October, the Interior Department announced plans to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List, and turn management over to the states and tribal government. Tom Sharp President of the Oregon Cattlemen’s association attended last month’s announcement, and said this is good news for local producers for a variety of reasons. He […]

WPC: Delisting Of Gray Wolf A “Success Story for ESA”

Last week’s announced by the Department of the Interior that the gray wolf will be removed from the Endangered Species List is, according to Todd Myers, Director of the Environmental Center at the Washington Policy Center, a victory of the Endangered Species Act. He noted the EAS does not have a great track record when […]

Interior Delists Gray Wolf

On Thursday, the Department of the Interior announced it has removed the gray wolf from the endangered species list, signaling a successful recovery under the Endangered Species Act. The gray wolf spent more than four decades on the endangered species list, and federal officials say the population is now thriving in the lower 48 states. […]

Senate Hearing Focuses on Changes to the Endangered Species Act

On Wednesday, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee held a hearing focused on efforts to modernize the Endangered Species Act. The Endangered Species Act Amendments Act of 2020 reauthorizes the ESA for the first time since 1992. Florida rancher Liesa Priddy said the legislation, “will be better for ranchers, better for states, better for […]

Trump Administration Seeks Endangered Species Act Changes

The EPA announced last week a new method for conducting biological evaluations under the Endangered Species Act. The change seeks to assure that pesticide registration review actions under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act do not jeopardize endangered species. EPA says the updated method ensures that, when available, the agency will use high-quality historical […]

Oregon Court Dismisses Wolf Lawsuit

Last week, the Oregon Court of Appeals dismissed a lawsuit filed by Cascadia Wildlands to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s decision to delist the gray wolf, under the state’s Endangered Species Act.  State wildlife officials removed wolves from Oregon’s endangered species list in 2015 and lawmakers passed a bill backing that move in […]

Stuhlmiller Happy With ESA Changes

This summer, the Trump Administration proposed several small changes to the Endangered Species Act.  And while many in the Ag community call them minimal and common sense, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed suit against President Trump.   The 50th suit since Trump took office.   Washington Farm Bureau CEO John Stuhlmiller said these revisions […]