Japanese Beetle Population In South Central Washington Concerning For WSDA

Last week, the Washington State Department of Agriculture announced that the Japanese beetle population continues to grow in Yakima and Benton counties. Since the announcement of the outbreak of this invasive species, the WSDA has caught 20,000 beetles, with an anticipation of even more beetles before the growing season comes to an end. The beetles […]

WTO Panel to Review China’s Compliance on Farm Product Imports

The World Trade Organization this week established a dispute panel requested by China. The panel will determine whether China complied with an earlier WTO ruling regarding the administration of its tariff rate quotas. China submitted its second request for a dispute panel to determine whether it has complied with a 2019 ruling concerning its TRQs […]

Salmonsen: Despite Strong Export Numbers This Is No Time For US Ag To Get Complacent

The USDA is expecting 2021 to be a great year for U.S. Exports, projecting a record $164 billion worth of American exports this year. That’s up $28 billion year-over-year. American Farm Bureau trade adviser Dave Salmonsen said economic recovery from the pandemic and a key trade market, poised to be number one again, are driving […]

Dairy Groups Welcome U.S. Callout of EU Food Name Protections

The Consortium for Common Food Names, National Milk Producers Federation and U.S. Dairy Export Council recently commended U.S. Trade Ambassador Katherine Tia for announcing an opinion on geographic indicators. USTR’s Special 301 Report, an annual publication tallying global challenges pertaining to intellectual property issues, called out the EU’s policy of blocking fair competition through the […]

U.S., E.U. Ag Groups Ask for End to Retaliatory Tariffs

A total of 88 U.S. and European organizations representing a wide range of industries are asking for an end to trade tariffs between the U.S. and E.U. The groups sent a letter to leaders on both sides of the Atlantic asking for the permanent removal of the tariffs on sectors unrelated to the ongoing Trans-Atlantic […]

Voigt: West Coast Ports, Lack Of Trade Deals Concerning For Potato Industry

Outside of rebounding from the pandemic, what are the biggest issues facing the Northwest potato industry? Chris Voigt, executive Director of the Washington state Potato Commission said issues at the west coast ports is the most pressing concern right. He said potato exports when the pandemic started to ratchet-up, six to seven months, dropped 20% […]

Aircraft Dispute Still Threatens U.S. Wheat Trade with EU

American wheat farmers and customers on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean applauded a temporary truce in the tariff war between the U.S. and European Union. The cross-Atlantic dispute is centers around an unrelated case regarding aircraft subsidies. The 25% retaliatory tariff on U.S. hard red spring wheat imports into the U.K. and European […]

Weaker U.S. Dollar A Benefit To Some Commodities

Over the past year, the value of the U.S. dollar has weakened substantially, which according to CoBank has made several American Ag products more competitive globally. Tanner Ehmke manager of CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange Division pointed out, not all commodities are affected equally. For example while prices have increased as of recent, the wheat sector has […]

U.S. Raising Tariffs on Certain European Imports

The U.S. government says it will raise tariffs on certain products imported from the European Union. Reuters said those products include wines from France and Germany, as well as aircraft components. It’s the latest move in a longtime battle between Washington D.C and Brussels over aircraft subsidies. The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative said […]

European Union Puts Tariffs On U.S. Goods, Including Ag Products

The European Union said earlier this week it will impose tariffs on up to $4 billion worth of U.S. goods and services, including some agricultural imports. The move comes out of a dispute over U.S. assistance for Boeing, which is a bitter rival to Europe’s Airbus. European trade ministers agreed on the move a few […]