Newhouse: Trade With EU Will Be A Challenge

As the U.S. looks to expand trade opportunities for farmers, one areas of focus right now is Europe. The United States is currently in talks with the both the EU and the U.K. about improving trade relationships, and allowing more American Ag imports. Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse said increasing trade with the EU will be […]

Newhouse Optimistic About Future With China Following Meeting With Doud

Greg Doud with the U.S Trade Representative’s office recently made a trip through Washington, talking about the state’s Ag community and what can be done to encourage more trade into the future. Central Washington Representative Dan Newhouse met with the Ambassador during his stop in Ritzville. The two talked not only about USMCA, Japan, ongoing […]

Like In 2016 Ag A Big Part Of GOP Platform

The Republican National Convention got underway this week, and the platform looks very similar to what was discussed back in 2016, meaning farming will hold prominent place in the policy blueprint. The GOP platform calls for less Ag regulation that has raised consumer costs, expanding science-based trade, no GMO labeling, and more rural broadband. Ending […]

Lighthizer Testifies on China Trade Deal, Criticizes WTO

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer had a lot to say about the president’s economic agreement with China during testimony last week in Washington D.C. He said Beijing is buying more American products and that the Asian nation would live up to the terms of the Phase One agreement. Lighthizer said his office is closely tracking […]

U.S., EU Not Making Much Progress in Trade Talks

European Union Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan recently said the chances of making a free trade deal with the United States in the near future aren’t good. The announcement comes after U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer blasted the EU for its trade policies and admitted the two sides are nowhere near a deal. That’s despite years […]

Salmonsen: Trade Deals Even More Important During Pandemic

The American Farm Bureau Federation said farm trade will remain key to supporting the Ag economy, during and after the coronavirus pandemic. AFBF trade adviser Dave Salmonsen said trade, and strong trade deals are a constant need, but may be even more important now because of the uncertainty in both U.S. and international markets. He […]

European Union Wants to Restart Trade Talks with the U.S.

The European Union is looking to revive trade negotiations with the U.S. to help bring the trade disputes between the two sides to an end. The EU is proposing a joint agenda that covers everything from aircraft subsidies and lobster tariffs to shared reserves of medical supplies. EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan has told U.S. […]

U.S.-U.K. Trade Talks This Week

Trade talks got underway virtually this week between the United States and the United Kingdom. The talks come more than 18 months after U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer notified Congress of the intent to begin talks with the United Kingdom. The talks started Tuesday with a video conference. In March, the U.K. published its objectives […]

Coronavirus Starting To Impact Trade Talks

The worldwide coronavirus outbreak is taking a toll on farm trade talks and trade flows. “I think you’ve seen over the last couple of months, shipments being slowed because of China. Of course, as we’re seeing this spread around the world, other countries will be affected. And, of course, we’re hoping that this doesn’t affect […]

Coronavirus Impacting Agribusiness, Trade

The CME Group physical trading floor will close due to the coronavirus. Much of today’s trade is done electronically. Trade on the floor will end at the close of Friday’s trading session, and all trading will take place on the GME Globex. CME Group said the action is “a precaution to reduce large gatherings that […]