Australia Enjoying Strong Wheat Harvest

When it comes to the global wheat picture, the USDA focuses Australia. “For the harvest that is currently underway, we increased our production forecast for Australia by 2.5 million metric tons. Up to 34 million tons.  That would be the second highest production on record.” World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski said that’s due […]

European Union Approves Large Farm Subsidies Deal

The European Parliament approved the biggest reform to their farm subsidies in decades. According to Reuters the vote switches much of the cash subsidies to smaller farms and rewards producers who use more sustainable farming methods. The Common Agricultural Policy has been criticized for years over the way the bulk of EU Ag subsidies went […]

Ag Trade To EU Expected To Increase

U.S. agricultural exports to the European Union are expected to be on the rise soon, after a weekend announcement by President Joe Biden.  “The United States and the European Union have agreed to negotiate the world’s first trade agreement based upon how much carbon is in a product as we negotiated the steel and aluminum […]

Tariff Agreement with EU Reopens Doors for US Agriculture Exports

On Sunday, the United States and European Union announced an end to the trade conflict of steel and aluminum tariffs, welcome news for agriculture. The United States will not apply section 232 duties and will allow duty-free importation of steel and aluminum from the EU at a historical-based volume, and the EU will suspend related […]

EU/U.S. Plan to End Steel Tariffs Good News for Agriculture

The U.S. and the European Union plan to settle the dispute about longstanding steel and aluminum tariffs by November 1. Capital Press says it’s good news for America’s steel industry, and that indirectly is good news for agriculture. Conversations about Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act relating to steel and aluminum tariffs have been […]

Tai Talks Trade With Wisconsin Dairy Farmers

Last week, U.S. Trade Representative Kathrine Tai traveled to Wisconsin to meet with dairy farmers. Several producers voiced their concerns and priorities for dairy exports, specifically when it comes to trade issues with Canada under USMCA. “I think we had some really candid exchanges. One of the really important aspects of the USMCA is that […]

World Wheat Crop Continues To Increase

When it comes to wheat production worldwide, records continue to be broken. The latest USDA forecast calls for a 5.5 million ton increase in wheat production globally. World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski, said while the U.S. participated in that increase with a projected .7% rise in production, most of the increase originates from […]

U.S.,UK and EU Suspend Airplane Tariffs

Trade Representative Katherine Tai returned to the U.S. Thursday following a successful trip to Europe. Tai, along with counterparts from the European Union and the United Kingdom, agreed to suspend tariffs caused by disagreements over aircraft. Tai, announcing the agreement with the UK Thursday, said both the EU and UK and the U.S. will establish […]

Voigt: West Coast Ports, Lack Of Trade Deals Concerning For Potato Industry

Outside of rebounding from the pandemic, what are the biggest issues facing the Northwest potato industry? Chris Voigt, executive Director of the Washington state Potato Commission said issues at the west coast ports is the most pressing concern right. He said potato exports when the pandemic started to ratchet-up, six to seven months, dropped 20% […]

China Surpasses U.S., Becomes EU’s Biggest Trading Partner

New data from the European Union puts China ahead of the United States as the EU’s biggest trading partner. A spokesperson from China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry calls the data “great news for both sides.” 2020 saw China-EU economic and trade ties grow stronger against the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 60 percent of EU companies in […]