FCA Increases Efforts To Help Young Farmers

The Farm Credit Administration ramped up efforts to support young, beginning and small farmers and ranchers during the course of the pandemic. FCA vice president, Mark Hayes, said ​funding young and beginning farmers is crucially important since they are the future of the industry. And he noted, additional young farmers is a good thing. “It’s about investing […]

Smith: Farm Economy Looks Good

Despite the problems farmers and ranchers have had because of the pandemic, Glen Smith, chairman of the Farm Credit Administration, said the overall farm economy is in “remarkably” good shape. Smith recently added if you want to know the financial condition of the farmers, ask their lenders. FCS conducts roughly 40% of the Ag lending […]

Farm Credit System Reviews Current Ag Economy

Record agricultural exports are contributing to favorable economic conditions for the U.S. farm sector. Exports to China have risen to record levels, with increases in soybeans, corn, wheat, and cotton. High crop prices and strong producer margins are expected to bring more acreage into production, but continuing drought in much of the western United States […]

FCA: Trade Deals Needed To Help Farm Economy

The head of the Farm Credit Administration recently told House Ag lawmakers that concluding pending trade deals is probably the most important thing Congress can do to help the depressed farm economy.  FCA Chair and CEO Glen Smith said restoring farm profitability is his top concern, but it will take more than the well-capitalized and […]

Farm Credit Service Outlines Quarterly System Conditions

A quarterly review of the Farm Credit System shows reported steady earnings and higher capital, but a decline in loan quality, so far, in 2019.  The Farm Credit Administration received the report last week that outlines economic issues affecting agriculture, with an update on the financial condition and performance of the Farm Credit System.   […]