Newhouse: Ag Labor Discussion Can’t Be Lost In Current Immigration Talks

The multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill being discussed in D.C. could impact the Ag labor debate, but perhaps not the way many in farm country expected. According to Representative Dan Newhouse, Chair of Western Caucus the reconciliation package includes language providing legal status for young people known as “Dreamers”, temporary protected status, as well as farm […]

Future Of Ag Immigration Reform Up In The Air

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough ruled against the Democrats’ plan to provide eight million green cards as a part of their $3.5 trillion spending bill. According to The Hill, that decision makes getting immigration reform to President Biden’s desk much harder. The American Farm Bureau Federation noted that Ag labor reform in a partisan manner would […]

Lack Of Workers Continues To Hurt NW Asparagus Industry

This was a difficult year for local asparagus growers not just because of the weather. The biggest challenge was a lack of labor to pick and process their fields, hurting yields and quality. Executive Director of the Washington Asparagus Commission Alan Schreiber. “The lack of labor hurt the asparagus industry and prevented the United States […]

Newhouse Work Continues To Address Ag Labor In D.C.

With so many issues being addressed in D.C., some in farm county may feel like agricultural needs are not being addressed. However, Dan Newhouse says one of the biggest issues facing today’s farmer is getting more and more attention: Farm Labor. The Chair of the Western Caucus said there is a growing level of awareness […]

NIFA & NSF Investing $220 Million in Artificial Intelligence Research

The USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the National Science Federation announced a $220 million investment in 11 new NSF-led Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes. NIFA and other agencies and organizations have partnered with the NSF to pursue transformational advances in a range of economic sectors and science and engineering fields, ranging from food […]

Washington Farm Community Adjusts To Emergency Heat Rules

After the record breaking heatwave in late June and the fact that there’s still a lot of summer left here in the Pacific Northwest, the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries’ has implemented emergency rules the agency said will help protect farm workers in extreme heat. New regulations are set under two conditions: when […]

When It Comes To Ag Labor, Pay Is Not The Issue, Naerebout Says

Ag labor is the top issue for many agricultural operations across the Pacific Northwest, but many in the farming community feel lawmakers in D.C. continue to kick the problem down the road. While fruits and vegetables typically come to mind when talking about Ag labor, Rick Naerebout, CEO of the Idaho Dairyman’s Association says their […]

Duvall: Securing the Border Not A Prerequisite for Labor Reform

American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duval says the demand from the national organization and state farm bureaus’ that the Biden Administration secure the southern border is not a precondition for backing migrant farm labor reform, despite others say it should be. Duval said the Farm Bureau wants the border secured for the safety of farmers […]

Border Security Takes Center Stage At Farm Labor Hearing

Bipartisan support for farm labor immigration reform ran headlong into a host of Republican complaints that the southern border must first secured during a Senate Judiciary hearing Wednesday. While both Democrats and Republicans agree that the decades-old problem must be addressed and fixed, how and in what order to do that remains a point of […]