High Vaccination Rate Reported Among H-2A Workers

Thanks to a variety of efforts, the H-2A farmworker community has reported a high rate of COVID-19 vaccinations. Dan Fazio, CEO of WAFLA, the Washington Farm Labor Association, said Medical Teams International has been working on issuing vaccinations along with local health jurisdictions and farmworker clinics. And that has resulted, he noted in a vaccination […]

UC Davis Review Looks At How Machines Help Wine Grape Industry Survive Labor Shortage

Wine grape growers, like most of the farming economy, are facing increased labor costs and labor shortages, which make it difficult to manage and harvest a vineyard while maintaining profitability. A new review by researchers at UC Davis takes a look at how growers can best utilize existing equipment. Kaan Kurtural, professor of viticulture and […]

Washington Farm Community Adjusts To Emergency Heat Rules

After the record breaking heatwave in late June and the fact that there’s still a lot of summer left here in the Pacific Northwest, the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries’ has implemented emergency rules the agency said will help protect farm workers in extreme heat. New regulations are set under two conditions: when […]

Vilsack Goes To Congress To Discuss Ag Labor Concerns

As lawmakers continue deliberation how to best address issues associated with farm labor and availability. “I’m here today simply to advocate on behalf of American agriculture and these workers, maintain that the capacity of this great food and agriculture industry that can either provide the benefits that we all enjoy in this country, and at […]

Duvall: Securing the Border Not A Prerequisite for Labor Reform

American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duval says the demand from the national organization and state farm bureaus’ that the Biden Administration secure the southern border is not a precondition for backing migrant farm labor reform, despite others say it should be. Duval said the Farm Bureau wants the border secured for the safety of farmers […]

Overtime Pay For Dairy Workers Starts July 25th

Starting Sunday July 25th, dairy workers in Washington will start to receive overtime once they work more than 40 hours in a week. Jeff Mayor with Washington Labor & Industries said this is due to the legislature passing Senate Bill 5172 this session, which was a response made to a Supreme Court ruling in late […]

Oregon OSHA Adopts New Heat Related Rules

Last week, the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division, OSHA, adopted an emergency rule requiring employers to put new safeguards in place during extreme heat events. Under the new rules, when the heat index is at or above 80 degrees, employers are required to provide access to “sufficient shade and an adequate supply of drinking […]

St. Paul, Oregon Farm Under Investigation After Worker Died

A farm as well as a labor contractor under investigation after a farmworker died Saturday from heat related issues. Oregon OSHA has opened an investigation into Ernst Nursery and Farms and Brother Farm Labor Contractor after a Guatemalan man, Sebastian Francisco Perez, 38, died while working in the fields at the St. Paul nursery north […]

Warnick: Ag Overtime Hurt Workers, Needs Improvements

While some claim the legislation righted a wrong, many in Washington’s Ag community say the recently approved overtime legislation does little more than hurt farmers and farmworkers. Senate Bill 5172 stair steps over time requirements for the farming community, where overtime pay will be expected past 40 hours a week starting in 2024. Moses Lake […]