Dilley: OT Ruling The Latest Challenge Put Before Washington Dairy Farmers

Last week, the Washington Supreme Court ruled farmworkers must receive overtime pay, thus eliminating an exemption from the state’s minimum wage law the Ag industry has used for decades. The ruling will have a deep and direct impact on the Washington dairy industry. And according to Scott Dilley Communication Director for the state dairy federation, […]

WSU Study: Men Less Likely To See Food As National Security Issue During Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic broke out and spread across the U.S., more and more consumers were interested in the source of their food, as well as those providing it, that according to a recent Washington State University study. “Respondents generally became more concerned about food being a national security issue and people, our respondents, generally […]

YVC Awarded $2.1M To Help Farm Workers Students

Yakima Valley College recently received a $2.1 million federal grant to help support the region’s migrant and seasonal farm working students. The College Assistance Migrant Program, or CAMP, is funded via the U.S. Department of Education and works with migrant or seasonal farmworkers and their children in completing their first year of college at YVC. […]

OFB: Executive Order Puts Farmers At Risk

Late last month, Oregon Governor Kate Brown extended an Executive Order she says will protect farm workers from coronavirus. Executive Order 20-58, issued back in April, focuses not only on physical distance, but sanitation and isolation requirements. But Samantha Bayer with the Oregon Farm Bureau says these rules handed down by the Governor hurt both […]

Washington Supreme Court Rules Against Ag Overtime Exemption

In a 5-4 ruling Thursday, the Washington Supreme Court said farmworkers should receive overtime pay. The decision eliminates an exemption from the state’s minimum wage law the farm community has used for decades. According to the Capital Press, one of the majority opinion judges said he would look favorably on applying the decision retroactively, allowing […]

Brown Extends COVID Requirements For Ag Workers, OFB Dismayed

On Friday, Governor Kate Brown extended her Executive Order focused on protecting agricultural workers from coronavirus during the off season. Brown said Executive Order 20-58, issued earlier this year, addresses physical distancing, sanitation, and isolation requirements in order to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among the state’s farm workers and surrounding communities. “Agricultural workers […]

Donation To Mattawa Food Bank Will Help Farm Workers In Need

The Mattawa Area Food Bank was recently awarded a $10,000 grant from the fraternal non-profit The Royal Neighbors of America. Board president, Pamela Bunger, said the funds came at a great time, after they learned that the food bank’s forklift is not repairable. “Also we are heading towards our busy time, the winter, and we […]

United Farm Workers Files Lawsuit over USDA Suspending Labor Report

Last week, United Farm Workers filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for suspending a farm labor survey. Last month, the USDA announced the intention to suspend the Agricultural Labor Survey. The Department of Ag claims the public can access other data sources for the data collected in the survey. The Agricultural Labor Survey provides […]

Washington Dairy To Discuss Labor During Virtual Meeting Wednesday

The Washington State Dairy Federation will hold a virtual presentation Wednesday focused on a variety of labor topics and how they will impact those in the industry. Scott Dilley, Communications Director for the Dairy Federation, said WAFLA Director Dan Fazio and Human Resources Manager Pam Peters will address employment-related questions. “Where are we on workers’ comp […]

Brown Announces Programs To Help Ag Workers Impacted By Coronavirus

Over the weekend, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced the launch of a new source of financial assistance for agricultural workers who must self-quarantine during the pandemic. The Oregon Worker Quarantine Fund will provide up to two weeks of financial relief to farm workers, 18 years of age and older, regardless of immigration status. In addition […]