Administration Hopes To Make Progress On Rural Broadband Effort This Year

President Biden’s infrastructure adviser expects the FCC to make significant progress this year on critical broadband mapping to pinpoint rural areas of greatest need. Mitch Landrieu acknowledged the FCC hit roadblocks early, but is now making headway on service maps needed to best target $65 Billion Congress approved for rural broadband. “Congress mandated new maps, […]

Efforts To Provide Rural Broadband Are Moving Fast, One Expert Says

The lack of broadband mapping remains a key hurdle to the successful rural deployment of internet technology, but one industry hand says efforts underway to figure out where the gaps are, are now moving at top speed. Rural Broadband Association CEO Shirley Bloomfield said no one really knows where the unserved and underserved areas are. […]

GAO: Broadband Benchmark Speeds May be too Slow

A new report from the Government Accountability Office is encouraging the Federal Communications Commission to evaluate benchmark broadband speeds. The report states, “We recommended that the FCC determine whether its current definition of broadband really meets the needs of small businesses.” Currently, the benchmark speeds for broadband are 25 megabits per second download, and three […]

Biden Administration Released New Broadband Coverage Map

A new broadband mapping tool released by the White House last week shows the need for rural broadband. The Indicators of Broadband Need Map indicates areas of need by marking them red. The tool unsurprisingly marks much of the U.S. land area, particularly rural areas, as in need of broadband. Except for city-centers, states like […]

Bill Would Give USDA Authority over Rural Broadband

Last week, House lawmakers introduced the Broadband for Rural America Act. The legislation would put the Department of Agriculture in the driver’s seat for rural broadband rather than the Federal Communications Commission. Georgia Republican Representative Austin Scott mentioned last week, “The FCC’s had their chance, and they haven’t gotten it done.” The bill is one […]

FCC Continues To Work On Rural Broadband Picture

The FCC is working on putting together an accurate picture of the broadband shortages in rural America. The agency says it needs some help with data collection, and they’re turning to the residents of rural America. “We have an app that can be downloaded on consumer mobile devices, they are for iPhones or Android devices […]

FCC Looks to Consumers to Find Broadband Gaps

The Federal Communications Commission wants consumers to test broadband speeds to help find broadband gaps. As part of the Commission’s Broadband Data Collection effort, the FCC is encouraging the public to download the FCC’s Speed Test app, which is currently used to collect speed test data as part of the FCC’s Measuring Broadband America program. […]

Newhouse Hopeful DATA Act Will Help Farming Community Use The Latest Technology

Agriculture, specifically the tools used to produce food, fiber and fuel changes at a brisk pace. And while more and more farmers are interested in applying the latest technology on their operation, without reliable broadband, that’s nothing more than a wish. In an effort to better access where broadband service exists and where it lacks, […]

Local PUDs Say They Should Be Eligible For Broadband Funding

As more effort is put into connecting rural America with broadband service, local PUDs say they want to be considered for federal funding. In a joint statement released Tuesday, the leaders for the Chelan, Douglas and Grant PUDs said the COVID-19 pandemic has made very clear how vital affordable broadband is for rural customers. In […]

Northwest Lawmakers Praise Legislation To Improve Rural Broadband Map

The Broadband DATA Act recently signed into law will look at improving efforts to deploy broadband access to rural portions of the country. Portions of the legislation included the Broadband Data Improvement Act, sponsored by eastern Washington’s Cathy McMorris Rodgers. She said her priority is making sure the broadband maps used by federal officials to […]