McMorris Rodgers: Eastern Washington’s Economy Needs USDA To Act

As farmers and ranchers wait for the USDA to approve assistance to rebound from the drought, wildfires and extreme heat in both 2020 and 2021, the delay is hurting those outside of the farming community. That according to eastern Washington representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who has joined other lawmakers from the Evergreen State calling on […]

House Ag Committee Dems Want Ag Spending Preserved

House Ag Committee Chair David Scott and fellow Democrats sent a letter to House and Senate leadership asking them to preserve the Ag spending provisions in the Build Back Better Act. They point out that the provisions included in the agriculture portion of the Build Back Better Act will make transformative investments that will benefit […]

Local PUDs Say They Should Be Eligible For Broadband Funding

As more effort is put into connecting rural America with broadband service, local PUDs say they want to be considered for federal funding. In a joint statement released Tuesday, the leaders for the Chelan, Douglas and Grant PUDs said the COVID-19 pandemic has made very clear how vital affordable broadband is for rural customers. In […]

Millions Awarded To Conserve Farms, Forest Around Washington

 The state of Washington has awarded millions of dollars to conserve working farms and forests around the Evergreen State.  The $5.2 million in grant funding comes from the Washington state and Recreation and Conservation Funding Board.  The board also received word of funding from federal grants for projects that develop and improve recreational opportunities for […]