USDA: Turkey Preparation Should Start Days Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and the USDA says now is the time to start preparing that big meal. USDA Food safety expert Meredith Carothers says one of the biggest problems she routinely see, deals with defrosting the holiday bird. While a popular technique, she says defrosting the turkey on your counter is […]

Are We Spending More Time Preparing Meals?

Do you feel like you, perhaps your household, spend more or less time with food-related activities? “Eating and drinking, food preparation, clean-up related to food preparation, grocery shopping, the time doing grocery shopping, purchasing non-grocery food that, could be from restaurants also the time and the wait that you spend related to purchasing those foods,” […]

USDA: Don’t Let Food Poisoning Sack Your Super Bowl Party

The NFL season wraps up this weekend with Super Bowl 54 down in Miami.  And there’s no better way to celebrate this unofficial holiday than with a Super Bowl party.  Whether it’s just a few friends, or it’s a massive get together, the USDA says it’s important to play offense, to stave off food borne […]