OSU Researchers: Bees Produced More Females Following Wildfires

Researchers at Oregon State University said they recently discovered that the blue orchard bee produces a great number of female offspring in the aftermath of forest fires. Researchers added the more severe the fire had been, the greater percentage of females, more than 10% greater in the most badly burned areas relative to areas that […]

Northwest Receives $6.5M For Pest Detection

The USDA announced Tuesday the Northwest will receive roughly $6.5 million for pest detection and surveillance. Washington was awarded $3.5 million, Idaho will see nearly $1.6 million while Oregon will receive $1.4 million for efforts to safeguard the U.S nursery production system. Overall, USDA is providing more than $70 million in funding this year to […]

Updated Forest Action Plan Incorporates Western Washington Needs, Priorities

Earlier this fall, the Washington state department of Natural Resources released its 2020 Forest Action Plan, which out lined more than 100 priority actions to improve and conserve forests across the state. Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz said this updated Forest Action Plan, builds on existing work taking place on the east side of […]

WSU Forest Field Day Looks To Address Forest Management, Forest Health

With one of the most active wildfires seasons up and down the West Coast as the back drop, Washington State University will host its Forestry Field Day this Saturday. But, like everything else in a COVID world, this weekend’s event will be on-line. WSU Extension Forester Brendan Whyte said they will push landowners this weekend […]