Washington Lawmakers Hope Visit Highlights The Devastation Of Massive Wildfires

Washington Representatives Dan Newhouse, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and Kim Schrier are reaching out to federal officials in an attempt to bring attention to the level of destruction caused by massive wildfires in the state. “The three of us sent an invitation to the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, as well as the Secretary of the […]

As Wildfire Season Rages, Moore Takes Over At Forest Service

As the 2021 wildfire season rages on, the U.S. Forest Service announced a new Chief. Randy Moore said the 2021 wildfire season is already a bad one with over 60 major blazes raging with hundreds of other smaller fires keeping crew busy nationwide. Moore noted firefighters are desperately trying to get larger fires under control […]

House Ag Committee Discusses Forest Management

As fires continue to burn up and down the west coast, members of the House Ag Committee are looking at what can be done to help prevent massive fires into the future. Many of those lawmakers agreed with Henry Schienebeck with the American Loggers Council. “Sustainable fire management must continue to improve.” Management, including much […]

Risch Speaks Out Against BLM Director Nominee

On Thursday, Idaho Senator Jim Risch spoke out against the Biden Administration’s nominee to head the Bureau of Land Management, Tracy Stone-Manning. Risch said before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources that a good agency, such as BLM and the people that work there deserve better than the President’s nominee. Risch pointed to […]

Fox Tells The Senate More Must Be Done To Keep Forests Healthy

Forest Health took center state at a Senate Ag committee hearing last week. Joe Fox is President of the National Association of State Foresters. “To maintain our forests as carbon sinks we can’t let them be destroyed by out of control wildfires we must reduce wildfire fuel loads in our forests.” Fox told lawmakers that […]

Cantwell: Great American Outdoors Act Results In Millions For Washington Forests

On Friday, Senator Maria Cantwell announced that four Washington lands projects, two in North Central Washington, and one each in Kitsap and Clark counties, will receive $14,740,000 to protect salmon spawning streams and other watershed projects. The funding from the Forest Service’s Land and Water Conservation Fund via the Great American Outdoors Act passed by […]

Orcutt Discusses HB 1168

When it comes to managing Washington’s forests and preventing wildfires, House Bill 1168 is getting a lot of attention this session. The proposal would create a dedicated fund of $125 million every biennium for wildfire response, forest restoration and community resilience. The legislation has the backing of House Republicans and Commission of Public Lands Hilary […]

ODF: Time To Salvage Trees Burned Over Labor Day Weekend Running Out

The Oregon Department of Forestry is encouraging landowners to plan for healthy forests following the devastating wildfires that burned over Labor Day weekend. The ODF’s Jim Gersbach said when a fire sweeps through a timbered area, burned trees have perhaps less than a year before they are not commercially valuable and won’t be accepted at the […]

OSU Extension Offering Webinar Series Focused On Forest Management

Oregon State University Extension recently launched a free weekly webinar series. Forestry and natural resources extension agent Thomas Stokely, said this series, which runs through early April, will cover a variety of topics important for managing forests in Eastern Oregon for a variety of different values. “I think there’s 5 different instructors, or maybe even six, that […]

OSU Researchers: Bees Produced More Females Following Wildfires

Researchers at Oregon State University said they recently discovered that the blue orchard bee produces a great number of female offspring in the aftermath of forest fires. Researchers added the more severe the fire had been, the greater percentage of females, more than 10% greater in the most badly burned areas relative to areas that […]