Analyst Looks At How Lumber Prices Will Impact The Farm Economy

Market conditions, including the COVID-19 pandemic, brought more volatility to commodities in 2020, along with higher demand and prices for things like lumber. But, what does the market action in lumber mean for agriculture? Mike Zuzolo of Global Commodity Analytics and Consulting LLC, said it’s important to watch all commodities because of their interconnection. “No, […]

NWFCS: Demand Strong For NW Fisheries, Forest Products

As our Northwest Farm Credit Services quarterly commodity snapshot series continues, we take a look at local forest products and fisheries. “Very strong profits suggested for forest products manufacturers, and solid profits expected for timberland owners,” Bill Perry is Vice President at NWFCS. “Despite recent drops in lumber pricing, prices remain in very profitable, record […]

Biochar Holds Great Potential For Rural Northwest Communities

Researchers at Washington State University are looking at the potential biochar holds for farming communities and timber communities alike. Biochar is woody materials and forest residues converted into an amendment used to improve soil productivity. Mike Brady, an Ag economist at WSU, said while the Northwest is uniquely positioned to provide char to the farming […]

Forest Service Accepting Grants for Innovations in Wood Products, Energy

The Forest Service is accepting applications for innovation grants. Announced Tuesday, the agency has approximately $10 million in funding available through the 2021 Wood Innovations Grant and the 2021 Community Wood Energy and Wood Innovation Grant. The grants seek to support local economies through wood products and wood energy innovations while reducing hazardous fuels and […]