Oil Prices Fall As Concerns Grow Over Chinese Economy

Oil prices dropped roughly  2% in Monday’s trade, as investors decided become a little more conservative, which not only hurt stock markets but also strengthened the the U.S. dollar, making oil more expensive for holders of other currencies. West Texas dropped $1.68 Monday to end the day at $70.29 per barrel. Fatih Birol, Executive Director […]

Delta Variant, China Concerns Pushing Oil Prices Lower

Oil prices, much like many of the U.S. investment markets, moved lower Monday, with West Texas Crude dropping to around $65 per barrel, an over 4% drop in one day. Much of the concern, according to Scott Bauer with Prosper Trading Academy is China, and the ongoing struggles with the coronavirus. “The expansion unfortunately of […]

COVID, China’s Economy, OPEC Pushing Oil Prices Lower

Oil prices trade lower in Tuesday’s action, with West Texas Crude prices in the mid-$71 per barrel range. Industry experts say a trio of specific pressures are weighing oil prices lower right now. First in the increase in the number of COVID-cases, thanks to the Delta variant concerns many that the global economy will stall […]

OPEC, COVID Holding Oil Prices

Oil prices were largely unchanged as the final week of July got underway. West Texas Crude traded near or just below $72 per barrel in Monday’s trade. Patrick DeHaan with GasBuddy noted oil prices have held steady over the past two week not only because of a rapid increase in the number of COVID Delta […]

DeHaan: OPEC Disagreements Stall Oil Prices

After weeks of a steady climb, and hitting one of highest prices we’ve seen in months, oil prices have flattened from last week’s high water mark. West Texas Crude was trading just under $74 per barrel in Monday’s action. So, why the sudden price slowdown? Patrick DeHaan with GasBuddy says it was triggered by UAE […]

Oil Prices Continue To Move Higher As Demand Continues To Climb

Oil prices continue the slow climb higher that consumers have seen for several months at this point. Patrick DeHaan with GasBuddy says a barrel of West Texas Crude was up to around $71 in Monday’s trade. And he noted there are two key issues pushing those oil prices higher. First, DeHaan noted, demand for oil […]

DeHaan Anticipates Higher Oil Fuel Prices This Summer

As countries around the world report improved COVID-19 numbers, oil prices are moving higher. Patrick DeHaan with GasBuddy says West Texas Crude was trading as high as $70 per barrel in Monday’s action, continuing a trend of slowly pushing higher. DeHaan noted the increase in oil prices is a story of recovery. “There has been […]

Price At The Pump: Kloza More Concerned About Behaviors Than Prices

As we start a new month, oil prices are continue to trade in the mid $60 per barrel range, but prices appear to be moving higher. In Monday’s action, West Texas Crude was trading at $67 per barrel. Tom Kloza with OPIS Pricing told CNBC this weekend while we saw higher fuel prices over the […]

COVID Numbers, OPEC, Stop The Climb Of Oil Prices

After a fairly quiet start to the year, oil prices moved substantially higher in February and March, with oil prices around the $60 per barrel mark. However, to start the month of April, that increase has tapered off, with oil prices around $59 in Monday’s trade. Patrick DeHaan with GasBuddy said two factors has pumped […]