Waters Is Hopeful Cold Temperatures Will Help Farmers This Growing Season

The cold temperatures the Pacific Northwest saw to ring in the New Year may help farmers later this growing season. Washington State University’s Dr. Tim Waters says while those frigid temperatures will do little to the insect and disease population, the temps will disrupt where many of those pest like to live; volunteer potatoes. “When […]

Bayer Launches Testing4AG Program

Bayer announced this week the launch of its Testing4Ag program. The program allows research scientists from around the world to submit novel chemistries to Bayer for testing in hopes of identifying potential new modes of action to control fungal diseases, insect pests, or weeds. Testing4Ag, a part of Bayer’s Open4Ag partnership development and innovation approach, […]

Syngenta Rolls Out New Seed Treatment To Help PNW Cereal Growers

Earlier this spring, Syngenta received EPA approval for their newest seed treatment fungicide to help cereal growers in the Pacific Northwest. David Belles with Syngenta said Trebuset will benefit growers in the fight against Fusarium. “This will be used in combination with our other seed treatments such as Sedaxane, Vibrance,  Varaxatonea and Dividend Extreme.  And […]

EPA Proposes Streamlined Biotech Approvals for Crops

A recent EPA proposal would streamline the regulation of certain plant-incorporated protectants. The proposal allows biotech crops containing pesticide traits to be exempt from select regulations if they meet certain reporting requirements. Specifically, the EPA proposes exemptions under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act and the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for certain […]

Howler A Great Fit For Northwest Specialty Crops

Agbiome has rolled out a new fungicide that will benefit a variety of growers across the Inland Northwest. Howler works on both organic and conventional crops, such as beans, peas, potatoes and more. Agbiome’s Lori Berger said Howler is a revolutionary fungicide that can be used effectively at every phase of production, from greenhouse to […]

WSU Predicting Stripe Rust At Severe Epidemic Levels This Season

Based on weather data from November 1st to February 29th, Washington State University is forecasting the stripe rust level to reach the severe epidemic level this growing season for the inland Northwest. Dr. Xianming Chen says he predicts highly susceptible varieties to have 44% to 53% loss this growing season. This figure is quite a bit […]

Onion Growers Reminded To Watch For Downy Mildew

Washington State University is reminding onion growers to be on the lookout for Downy Mildew.  WSU’s Tim Waters said the cool wet spring we’ve seen across the Inland Northwest has allowed the mildew to develop and spread.   “It’s a water mold that’s similar to Late Blight in potatoes, so it doesn’t affect potatoes, but […]