Dairy Issue With Canada Farm From Done, Salmonsen Says

This week’s trade ruling against Canada’s restrictive dairy import system in favor of the U.S. is not the end of the process. That ruling gives Canada until February 3rd to comply and still leaves unfinished U.S. efforts with Mexico. The U.S. dairy industry is urging Canada to comply swiftly with a USMCA dispute panel ruling […]

Trade Officials Begin USMCA Summit

Trade talks are underway between the U.S., Mexico and Canada, as part of a two-day summit focus on USMCA. The agreement is nearing its first anniversary, and there are a handful of issues of concern. Politico reports there are continuing labor concerns between the U.S. and Mexico and trade barriers in place by Mexico and […]

Animal Welfare and Environmental Groups Want GE Animal Regulations to Stay at FDA

This week, thirteen animal welfare and environmental groups urged federal agencies to maintain regulatory authority over genetically engineered food animals within the FDA. The request is in response to the Trump-era proposal to move the regulatory authority to the Department of Agriculture. Specifically, USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. In letters to the FDA […]

Ag Community, FDA Trying To Spread Facts About GMOs

Do you want an easy way to start an argument? Just mention GMO and go from there. Some consumers strongly object to food with GMO ingredients even though, “There’s been no evidence that any of these food products have caused any kind of food safety issues,” said Kansas State University Extension Food Safety Specialist, Karen […]

Vilsack Rumored as Top Choice for Ag Secretary

Politico is reporting that Tom Vilsack may be Joe Biden’s number one choice for Secretary of Agriculture. However, the article also says the final decision isn’t made yet. Vilsack was the Ag secretary for eight years when Barack Obama held the Oval Office and Biden was his vice president. Vilsack is the current CEO of […]

FDA Creates Feed Your Mind initiative to Increase GMO Understanding

A new federal collaboration seeks to improve consumer understanding of genetically modified organisms. Created by the Food and Drug Administration, in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Agriculture, the Feed Your Mind initiative aims to answer the most common questions that consumers have about GMOs. FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn says that while […]

GMA Rebrands as Consumer Brands Association

The Grocery Manufacturers Association is now the Consumer Brands Association, as part of a rebranding effort.  Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of the association, says the Consumer Brands Association is “an entirely new organization with a focused, compelling agenda.”  The association represents the grocery product industry.  Research by the organization suggests the association should focus […]

GE Wheat Found in Washington

The USDA is investigating the discovery of Genetically Engineered wheat growing in an unplanted field in Washington.  APHIS officials said the wheat in question is resistant to glyphosate, but there is no evidence the wheat in question entered the food supply.  USDA is working with state, industry and trading partners, to determine from where the […]

Study: GMO Opposition Highest from Those Who Know the Least

A new study published by the science journal Nature Human Behavior states opposition to GMOs is highest among those who know the least about genetics but have convinced themselves they’re experts.  Participants of the surveys were asked their attitude towards GMO’s and their knowledge.  The study points out that genetically modified foods are judged by the majority […]